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ECB doctors travel to Galle to isolate Moeen Ali’s health after a positive test.

The UK tour party in Sri Lanka faces anxious waits in the hotel room, just as preparations for the test series should have begun in earnest.

The UK was scheduled to have its first training session on the tour in Hambantota on Tuesday.Instead, the team was commissioned to their room as they waited for the results of the next round of the next medical test. Positive Covid-19 results Revealed by Moen Ali on Monday.

They took both lateral flow and PCR tests on Tuesday, but the results will not be announced until Wednesday. Lateral flow tests usually return results in just over 30 minutes, but they are not very accurate. The PCR test takes longer to analyze, but it is more reliable. The ECB may indicate the extent of the problem from Tuesday’s lateral flow test, but wait for the PCR results before making public comments. The team will be tested again on Thursday.

The entire party has returned negative tests before the flight, but there are concerns that both English management and Sri Lankan authorities can understand the prospect of further spread of the virus. Sri Lanka has just entered another blockade and was able to contain Covid-19 to a greater extent than the United Kingdom, which had more than 50,000 positive cases each in the last six days. New strains of the virus, which are understood to be much more contagious, are also spreading rapidly in the United Kingdom. The ECB states that it does not know which virus strain the ants were infected with at this stage.

You may be particularly worried about the results of Chris Walks‘ Test results. While the player was observing the social distance protocol on the flight, Guardian revealed that Walks had moved from Birmingham to Heathrow in the same car as Ali, resulting in a week of quarantine. Strangely, it seems like a penny pinch not to offer each player a separate car after a huge amount of money was spent on charter flights, testing and a safe environment.

Meanwhile, Ali is being driven to the goal today, where he will be placed in a private accommodation arranged just in case of such a contingency. The ECB’s Chief Medical Officer, Nick Perth, will also drive to the goal in another car to make sure Ali is as comfortable as he can expect. As a front-line doctor, Perth already has at least some of the vaccines (two jabs are needed at least every two weeks to maximize the effectiveness of both vaccines currently in use in the UK. ). This gives him immunity from the virus. The ants remain asymptomatic at this stage and are currently scheduled to be quarantined on January 13, the day before the first test is scheduled to begin. As a result, it seems unlikely that he will play.

Indeed, his involvement in the series must be suspicious. Cricket medical staff in Sri Lanka advised players who tested positive during LPL to avoid high-level sports for several weeks, even if they had mild symptoms.

The ECB remains aware that the West Indies, Pakistan, Ireland and Australia have benefited from efforts to tour England during the 2020 trials and that the tour should proceed as far as possible. However, it is difficult to escape the conclusion that the future of this tour is at Knife Edge, as everyone involved is waiting for test results.

George Dobel is a senior correspondent at ESPNcricinfo

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Sri Lanka 2021 England Sri Lanka 2021 England

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