SSX Retrospective-The Best Console Launch Sports Game

When thinking about how to write this SSX In retrospect, I remember trying to get back into my little kid’s shoes as usual and feeling like playing it on the Christmas morning when I got my PS2.I definitely started playing that morning Madden 2001, And I finished playing it SSX Until late at night.

SSX Retrospective

SSX With the total number of parts, it worked very well at the time and for the entire series. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, 1080 snowboard, Cool border We have shown many ways that extreme sports can function as video games.what SSX We’ve taken a lot of the best ideas, reworked them, put them all together to create something that really helps launch the EA Sports Big brand.fact SSX It was weird at the time that it came from EA Sports because it didn’t fit anything else that EA Sports was doing at the time, but then it became clear that this was what EA should have been doing all the time. became.


But I want to start with music. Because I think it helped bring everything together. It was a revolutionary concept at the time that sports games linked music to the way it was on the slopes. The more tricks you perform and the boost you raise, the clearer and louder the music will be and the more elements of the track will be incorporated. If it crashes or loses boost, the music will be washed away again.The highs that could hit when the music exploded and the jumps got more air in, became really special. SSX It was at that time.

I felt that the dynamic nature of how music is tied to gameplay is truly futuristic. In addition to that, the artists involved here also helped. I helped Beastie Boys’ Mix Master Mike put together the soundtrack, and helped artists like Rahzel and Aphrodite give the game the perfect feel of the late 90’s. I know.

The world itself

SSX There were 8 maps and 8 letters. The characters had standard strengths and weaknesses, and the design choices had some anime flair.In any case, the truck was made SSX Feel the next generation. All the maps felt so big and vast, and you could follow different paths down the track, and it opened up so many new opportunities to find the best lines. It was. It seemed impossible before, but it’s even better because the map was creative. They were on top and didn’t make sense, and it was fine as the whole flow fits what was here. Similarly, did it make sense to ski down the mountain with pinball flippers here and there? No, but it still dominated.

Everything in between

SSX As a franchise it will hit higher prices later, but everything that started here will just increase in later versions. Tony Hawk had a lot of focus on the trick, SSX didn’t hesitate, but he had to focus on winning the race while using the trick as a way to get a boost. So I was able to open up my own niche. I needed to win. It turned into a balancing act that not only requires you to get a boost, but doesn’t waste too much precious time finding the next big ramp than going down the hill.

This style of racing and trick encounter wasn’t the first of its kind, SSX We did that right and provided a model that worked in other sub-genres of extreme sports. The tricks will become more and more important later, SSX It felt like a great way to prove that there are multiple ways to make a hit extreme sports game.

If you go back and play it now, one drawback I would say is SSX It feels a little light. Initially there are 4 characters and you have to play the game to unlock various other characters and tracks. This is not negative in itself, SSX Sure, you can also focus on the tricks or mash the ruleset in another way and use one or two other modes that give you more versatility.


Again, we have to remind those who weren’t there or don’t remember. The release of PS2 was the worst.Without it Madden 2001 And SSX, PS2 would have been almost nothing interesting at the time of launch. There is no doubt that EA helped save the PS2 launch during the holiday season. These two games helped me survive the winter. SSX It helped build the future of series like NFL Street and NBA Street. The impact on sound design was immeasurable, and it was a wonderful exhibit of the power of PS2.

The only unfortunate thing is that we don’t have SSX Already around.

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