Stadia CrowdPlay Beta Returns for YouTube Content Creators

Google has announced that the application for CrowdPlay, a beta test program on Stadia, has reopened. Crowd Play is a feature that allows stream viewers to queue up and participate in multiplayer games on the streamer itself. This allows fans to participate directly in gameplay and interact with their favorite YouTubers and live streamers in unprecedented ways.

According to the application, only two requirements are required to apply for CrowdPlay Beta. First, it’s clear that you need a Stadia account in one of the countries supported by the platform. The other is a YouTube channel where you can livestream your games.

To join the beta, you’ll need to fill out the form with answers to other questions, such as the hardware using Stadia and the range of subscribers, as well as select some games that support CrowdPlay. there is. Such games include Borderlands 3, Crayta, Dead By Daylight, and Mortal Kombat 11.

At the end of the application, you will be asked if you would like to contact Google with your current thoughts on Stadia and feedback on CrowdPlay.

Stadia still seems to be on track, even though Google announced earlier this year that it had stopped planning its first-party game development. Google recently announced that it will introduce a revenue sharing model for Stadia Pro subscribers, where developers receive additional revenue each month.

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