Stand: Inside the show’s changes to Nick, Tom, and Ralph

This article contains spoilers for Episode 3 stand..

After spending a lot of Episodes 1 and 2 With important characters such as Stu Redman (James Marsden), Franny Goldsmith (Odessa Young), Harold Louder (Owen Teague), Larry Underwood (Jovan Adepo) New miniseries version Stephen King stand Bring in or fill in Background of some of the key personnel in Episode 3 entitled “Blank Pages”.

This episode (son of Jill Kilton and Owen King) Steven) Nick Andros of the 9-part CBS All Access Limited series (from Brazilian actor Henry Zaga) New Mutants), Ray Brentner (Irene Bedard) and Tom Curren (Brad William Henke), all of which play a major role in King’s story and have undergone a fairly significant overhaul for new adaptations. ..

With King’s book 1994 miniseriesRay is Ralph Laurenner, a physically impressive yet friendly 45-year-old farmer from Oklahoma, and a major leader in the Boulder Free Zone. At the new show, Ray is from Native Americans, short but tough and lewd, and one of the closest to Boulder’s spiritual leader Mother Abigail (Woopi Goldberg). Brentner is also one of four heading to Las Vegas for the title battle with Randall Flag (Alexander Skarsgård), alongside Stu, Larry and Glenbateman (Greg Kinnear).

Nick, one of Boulder’s leaders and very close to Mother Abigail, is deaf and silent, probably as a result of his parents’ car accident when his mother was pregnant. Born in Nebraska and long orphaned when he met him in a book, Nick (played by Rob Lowe in 1994) is a drifter who gains from doing strange jobs. At the new show, Nick is also deaf and silent, and himself, a refugee from South America who was brought to the United States as a child by his mother.

Asked if I wanted to change the background of the character (for example, rock star Larry Underwood is white in the book and black in the new series) was just a problem. Refresh your character For a more diverse era, showrunner Benjamin Cabel says Den of Geek“In terms of creating the main set of characters, that was certainly part of it, but not many white men and Franny.”

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Cavell adds: “It’s important, and it felt like our story was more universal and, frankly, rooted in 2019 or 2020. If he was doing it himself and now it He said he would have done it as well. It was an obvious upgrade to do it. “

Another character who was given a slightly larger reinvention in another way is Tom Curren, a developmentally disabled man who meets Nick on the way to find Mother Abigail in the aftermath of Captain Trip’s pandemic and becomes a fast friend.

In both this book and the 1994 miniseries (he was portrayed by Bill Fingerbucke), Tom is about 40 years old, a gentle giant, and what are the views and interactions of today’s developmentally disabled people? A little off (the first book published in 1978 describes him as “lagging” in both derogatory and non-derogatory contexts.

Brad William Henke on the stand
James Minchin / CBS

The new series Tom Curren is clearly middle-aged and is now seen through more modern lenses. “I think Tom was the one who seemed to me to need the most updates regarding the characterization of the book,” explains Kabel. “I always thought Tom was like Lenny. Mice and humans, Just replaced by the King’s Universe — an old idea of ​​a child trapped in an adult’s body.

“But in my experience with adults with developmental disabilities, it doesn’t exist,” he adds. “It’s not the way I understand, but for children trapped in an adult’s body, it means a lack of self-awareness in the child. Adults with developmental disabilities I know they have developmental disabilities. I’m not in the dark as to whether I have or are different from most of the people around me. “

Cabel continues. “One of the really important things for me, for all of us, and certainly for Brad William Henke, was to give Tom the dignity that accompanies becoming a full-fledged adult human being. One of the things he found was a speech to talk to the people he met about his shortcomings, abilities, and what he could do, and laying it all out. It felt like that. A grown-up man living a life like Tom Curren will need to have it as a way to navigate the world. “

Henke was the only actor to provide that role, and Kabel added that former professional soccer player brought his own experience to his study of knowing a player suffering from head injuries accumulated from the game. ..

“There is a suggestion in the book, and certainly in our show, that at least part of what’s happening at Tom is the result of a head injury,” says Cabel. “He said something in the book about being hit in the head as a kid, and we mention it in the show, so for Brad it’s very difficult to make that depiction right. It was important. We talked a lot about it, and he actually was a man who was pretty devastated by the effects of CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, some of the associated brain disorders) he probably played with in college. ) Showed me some of the documentary about repeated head injuries). “

There are other subtle but important changes to Tom’s story later in the show. This is mentioned by Cabel, but I won’t explain it here (this will happen in a future episode). But both with that and Tom Curren’s overall transformation, Cabel says, “We’re proud of the character and all the ways it feels like an update to his story.”

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More will be available from Cabel next week after the premiere of Episode 4, The House of the Dead, including a crucial decision on the material for King’s 1990 uncut book.

New episode of stand It will premiere on CBS All Access every Thursday.

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Stand: Inside the show’s changes to Nick, Tom, and Ralph

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