Stanley Tucci starring as music executive Clive Davis in Whitney Houston’s biography

Stanley Tucci, as music producer and executive Clive Davis, will be cast in the next Whitney Houston biography, I Wanna DanceWith Somebody.

Stanley Tucci takes on Grammy Award-winning producer Clive Davis Future Whitney Houston Biography, I want to dance with someone.. Tucci is an American actor, producer and writer whose career spans decades and spans more than 100 films.He is best known for his appearance Devil in Prada, hunger game, When Captain America: The First Avenger..He recently replayed Marvel’s role as Dr. Abraham Erskine. what if…? Is set to star in Kingsman Later this year with Ralph Fines and Gemma Arterton.

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As reported by deadline, Tucci participated in the next Houston biography cast, I want to dance with someone.. Developed by Sony and TriStar Pictures, the film follows the life and music of an iconic late singer. Naomi Ackie will play Houston, and Tucci will play the role of music executive Clive Davis with her. Davis, who turned from a lawyer to a music producer, was one of the first to recognize Houston’s extreme talent and therefore played a monumental role in starting her career. The movie will be released in December 2022.

I want to dance with someone Indeed, it has the potential for a powerful cast and crew that is beginning to form. Tucci and Ackie have built a solid and experienced lead, and Oscar-nominated biography specialist Anthony McCarten promises a strong script. Pat Houston has also been incorporated into the production team, representing Houston’s real estate and giving the film a strong trust.Houston biography is very good Sony’s biggest movie in 2022 Delve into the heritage of its impressive cast and crew, and one of the most iconic female singers in history.The addition of Tucci to the cast further demonstrates the high talent considered for the film and emphasizes the high hopes placed on it. I want to dance with someone..

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Stanley Tucci starring as music executive Clive Davis in Whitney Houston’s biography

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