Star Citizen Free Mercury Star Runner Test Flight Announced

Introduction Mercury Star RunnerThe first ship to debut from the manufacturer Crusader Industries. With weapons, speed and style, Mercury checks every box you’d expect from a best-in-class courier. Built on the same engineering and design principles that made the Crusade a reliable manufacturer of galaxy transport of all sizes, the Starrunner chassis sets new standards for data and freight transport. The Mercury Star Runner also features a secret storage compartment. This may explain why this class of vessels is reputed to be the ship of choice for the most notorious criminals and smugglers in the galaxy. Learn more about Crusader Industries’ Mercury Star Runner.

Today’s Mercury Star Runner announcement Star Citizen Player of this year’s Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE) 2950.Not only does it give pilots the opportunity to step into the cockpit of over 100 in-game vehicles and perform a 48-hour free test fly trial, as well as new players. Star Citizen Until the final day of the IAE2950 Expo on December 2, 2020, the “FreeFly” program is now free to download and play games.

To start your journey with Star Citizen Visit here for free during this year’s IAE.

Learn more about this year’s IAE 2950 In-Game Expo.

Essentials / Unmatched Mercury Star Runner will be available to everyone Star Citizen Free pilot to test fly from November 23rd to November 24th – and the last four days of the IAE2950 event from November 29th to December 2nd.

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