Star Citizen Squadron 42 Miss 2020 Beta Window, No Release Date

Not only did Star Citizen’s single-player Squadron 42 officially miss the beta release in 2020, but no new dates have been announced in its place.

In 2018, Cloud Imperium announced that Star Citizen’s single-player mode squadron 42 will have a beta release during 2020. However, a recent statement by Chris Roberts, founder of Roberts Space Industries and creator of Star Citizen, is consistent with the RSI project. The roadmap removes the mention of the site’s release date on December 23, 2020.

According to a statement to Roberts’ donor, “The 42nd Squadron will take place when it is done and will not be released just for dating.” He also said the game was far from full launch. The RSI has stated that it will not display the Squadron 42 “gameplay, location, or assets” instead of the beta, as it is too far to launch a marketing campaign. “If you show the non-spoiler gameplay now, it’s the main footage and gameplay that could have been available near the release,” he continued.

“For this reason, we don’t want to publish the gameplay of Squadron 42 or discuss the release date until we get closer to homestretching and feel confident about the time remaining to finish the game with the desired quality. I decided it was the best .. “

In a Cloud Imperium Games press release, three companies, including ITG Investors, Snoot Entertainment, and Calder Family Office, added $ 17.25 million to buy more shares in the studio, in addition to the $ 48 million invested in 2018. Invested in the game. .. Today, Star Citizen’s overall budget has reached nearly $ 340 million. It’s worth noting that more than $ 275 million of that is provided by public crowdfunding.

Star Citizen recently released a “Year in Review” trailer that shows all the content the game received in 2020. In this new trailer, the developers behind Star Citizen talk about some of the biggest features the game received in 2020. Less than:

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