Star Citizen Squadron 42 misses beta window, no release date

Another year goes by without any sign Squadron 42 From Star Citizen Manufacturer Roberts Space Industries.

RSI revised the project roadmap on December 23, Squadron 42 Beta, RSI founder and Star Citizen The creator, Chris Roberts, told the project donors not to expect the game’s release or end date right away. RSI’s latest guidance Squadron 42 It will be released in August 2019, and the beta version will be released in the third quarter of this year.

Squadron 42 A single-player story-based campaign set in the world of Star Citizen, MMO of space flight and first person shooter developed since 2011. RSI split Squadron 42 Started selling separately Star Citizen February 2016; This was part of the game’s first Kickstarter campaign in October 2012, with 2014 being the first delivery date.

Squadron 42The A List Hollywood cast, which includes Mark Hamill, Gillian Anderson, and Gary Oldman, was announced in October 2015. RSI 2016 Squadron 42It’s a full release, but withdrew that prediction at CitizenCon in October 2016 and hasn’t shown a full release date since.

In a memo to the donor, Roberts said:Squadron 42 It happens on completion and is not released just for dating. He also said that the RSI Squadron 42An alternative “gameplay, location, or asset” to the beta. This is because the game is too far from a full release to launch a marketing campaign. “If you show the non-spoiler gameplay now, it’s the main footage and gameplay that could have been available in the near future,” Roberts said.

“For this reason, we have decided that it is best not to display it. Squadron 42 We don’t even discuss the release date until we publish our gameplay, get closer to homestretching, and have a high degree of confidence in the time remaining to finish the game with the desired quality, “Roberts added.

Star Citizen Has raised over $ 339 million in crowdfunding from about 3 million backers since the first 2012 Kickstarter. These numbers are reported by Roberts Space Industries itself. In other words, it raised more than $ 77 million in 2020 alone, surpassing the 2019 record of $ 47.7 million. Roberts Space Industry It also received $ 46 million in private investment from a millionaire record producer at the end of 2018.

Mostly Star CitizenFunding comes from the sale (or rental) of in-game spaceships, many of which cost hundreds of dollars. Star Citizen It is currently alpha version 3.12 of the “Permanent Universe”. Roberts Space Industries no longer announces the planned release date for the full version PU in 2016.

In November 2019, the developers announced that they would build a 40-player combined arms multiplayer mode called the “Theaters of War,” hoping to bring it to early 2020. It is in closed alpha testing and has no beta or full release date specified.

“in the meantime, Star Citizen The best visibility to the gameplay and technological advances we make. You can download new updates every three months with new features, content, and technological advances, “Roberts wrote. “My hope is that you are very engaged Star Citizen It Squadron 42 You will be here before you know it. “

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