Star Trek Adventure: Prize Adventure is now available digitally

December 3, 2020 by Polar_Bear

Oh, prime directive. Such a mysterious thing. And when federal enemies appear on untouched planets and try to dive in to get new power, crew options are limited.How does your away team handle it prize, New adventures available Star Trek Adventure??

From the website:

Showdown at Epsilon Alpha III!

When the player character receives a coded message from the Epsilon Alpha III Science Station, he learns of the discovery of a powerful alien energy source. However, the relics are in a sacred place for indigenous peoples who are not yet aware of the Federation. If a federal enemy arrives on the planet and also intends to secure artifacts, the player character may engage in diplomacy, confrontation, or locals, and in the process violate the Prime Minister’s directives in an imminent conflict. Need to decide how to solve the problem?

This standalone 21-page PDF adventure by Jonathan M. Thompson Star Trek Adventure In a role-playing game, next generation The times.This adventure also includes adaptation advice for use in other campaigns. Star Trek The times. The download includes a regular version and a printable version.


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