Star Trek: Discovery Review-“Sanctuary”

In this week’s Discovery Sanctuary, Book (David Ajara) visits his home planet and his troubled past, and Dr. Culver (Wilson Cruz) sees exactly what’s happening to those in distress. Jorjiu (Michelle Yeoh) tries to figure out. In addition, The Burn’s mystery continues, with forever the best C-story teams, Anthony Rapp’s Stamets and Bludel Barrio’s Adira, getting great screen times together.It’s an interesting moment for Book to face the ghosts of his past, as Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) just decided to stay on Discovery forever in last week’s episode. Of course, it put the courier in a position where he had to decide whether to stick to his woman’s love … or go on without her.

This thread works best when it comes to the relationship between books and Burnham. The actor who plays the pair does another great job to convey the warmth and playful nature between the two. For example, it’s a fascinating feeling that Booker wants to show Michael at the height of the planet. Everyone knows that they want to share something with their loved ones. Michael’s reaction is that she doesn’t intend to love it. like what.

When Michael and Book return to their hometown, facing an ecological threat that only the nasty baggers of the emerald chain can fix, they meet Cleveland’s brother, the “brother” (played by Ache Hernandez). I will. “I couldn’t confront the planet I abandoned myself,” he tells the book. “You can’t face yourself. You couldn’t,” the book replied. Although technically unrelated, these guys are siblings in a way that’s like their “companion”, but obviously they’ve experienced some shit over the years. Unfortunately, the dynamics between Hernandez and Ajara haven’t been clicked much, and their turn from enemy to ally seems a bit too putt. Some wonder if there is still a family there that the book felt so estranged (as mentioned at the season premiere), or if this was all he was talking about. I hope the former.

Star Trek: Discovery-Season 3 Photo: “Sanctuary”

Also this week, you’ll meet Oshira, played by Emerald Chain Leader Janet Kidder (Margot’s niece). She was mentioned earlier, and here she really really really wants to get Lynn back. Lynn, played by Noah Avelbach Katz, is an Andorian whose book saved several episodes. Ultimately, Lynn knows Oshiraa’s greatest secret: the chain is running out of dilithium, so it turns out to be a popular product. Lynn previously lived in the scavenger slave camp and was able to talk to hundreds of different lands about dilithium, so I’m not sure if this makes much sense.

But nevertheless, Avelbach Katz, who suddenly rushed into the captain’s office to demand an audience, brings a different edge to the disco’s day-to-day space fleet-like sensation. Hopefully he gets stuck for a while. He can also save (some sort of) the day he and Emily Charlton’s Detomer go on a bookship seeking a version of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

As for Georgeu, the mystery of her condition deepens, but the latest flashbacks she has experienced show that all my previous theories about it relate to Miller Michael Burnham (her adopted daughter). There seems to be. No, it’s like a young Georgeu she remembers … and what exactly’s happening with her face morphing that way? Whatever it is, it certainly seems to be significant, based on Dr. Culver’s reaction to the tests they performed.

Does the other hanging thread include revealing that The Burn’s song was a single in the 80’s? -What everyone keeps listening to can be traced to the signal coming from the nebula where the galaxy’s catastrophe occurred. Also, there is a ship that gives a distress signal somewhere. And then there is Adila. He reveals that Gray (Ian Alexander) is no longer talking to them for unknown reasons. So … I have a lot of questions this week, but not many answers.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3-Exclusive Character Image

Questions and notes from Q Continuum:

  • Man, nowadays everyone talks about the Commonwealth in such negative words.
  • Tilly has so far settled on the role of co-pilot quite well, but it’s still a big drug to swallow. How many members of the disco crew secretly hate her for jumping over them all in the chain of command?
  • The quest for monkeys to find the captain’s own tagline is interesting. “Manifest!”
  • Does Stamets play the piano? Renaissance man!
  • Isn’t Cleveland’s “book” booker his real name?
  • Noah Averbach-Katz is Mary Wiseman’s husband IRL.
  • Adila revealed to Stamets that “they” were synonymous with their hope, and before the start of the season it was announced that Delvalio’s characters were non-binary, but in the first few episodes “they” Since it was called, it eliminates the confusion about the problem. Girlfriend. “

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