Star Trek: Discovery Review-“Scavengers” and Prison Break

Michael Burnham and Georgeou will make a side trip in this week’s episode “Scavengers” on an unauthorized adventure to save Book. Perhaps we’re one step closer to uncovering The Burn’s secrets. The resulting time, in line with Discovery’s methodology, is a great character moment for the three characters in a fairly standard Prison Break plot that sometimes feels like it can be played on a large screen from a scope and VFX perspective. I’m waiting.

Star Trek: Discovery-Season 3 Photo: “Scavengers”

But first! The ship also has a new registration number, NCC-1031-A, as Discovery has been repaired and upgraded with 32nd century technology. This really bothers me (various versions of the spacecraft enterprise), as the addition of an “A” usually indicates that this is a brand new ship that was utilizing its predecessor’s registration number. Please refer to). Disco has now removed the warp nacelle, upgraded spore drive interface, and programmable matter console, among other modifications. It’s … an interesting revision of the look of our beloved ship, but it may take some getting used to. That is, the nacelle is no longer connected to the ship!

Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) is trying to adapt to the strict chain of command of the Starfleet while Sal (Doug Jones) is doing his best to assimilate Admiral Vance’s way. Since Disco is now a quick responder to Vence, Michael’s fraudulent tendencies begin again when Book’s ship (and cat grudge) appears with a pre-recorded message from the owner. Book (David Ajala) not only has problems, but also leads information about The Burn. Whatever the monkey’s orders, why can’t she go to him?

That’s where Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) comes in, and she’s always ready to spoil her associate daughter when it comes to space fleet backing. “I want to regret what I did more than I didn’t,” Michael reveals, going looking for a book without following orders. Georgeu hears Douglas Arniokoski frame the characters and makes Yo’s reflex look like a third party in the conversation (in this episode, the side of Georgeu’s mirror universe is clear. This is not the only one that is drawn.) This little visual play also helps remind us that this season Burnham is being pulled in two different directions than anything else.If it’s them, it also brings us to Georgiou’s devastating flashbacks. They started last week after her break-in with the mysterious character of David Cronenberg. The former emperor flashed a bloody vision before it was temporarily inactive. I think these images will be a memory of Jorjiu’s adopted daughter, Miller Michael Burnham. Her true fate was well hidden in Season 1 so she has room to know what really happened. Did Georgeu kill Miller Michael himself? So is she so interested in the path Prime Michael follows because of some kind of guilt? Or am I completely off-based here?

When Michael and Georgeu find an indentured servitude in a junk business for a star, some typical conspiracy schemes begin. A prisoner killed trying to escape. A vicious guard who will get his resurrection. Run and jump everything to hide and escape. But these metaphors are some great writings, such as when Burnham finds a box of old and abandoned Starfleet badges, or when she and Book can reunite and sneak a heartfelt hug. , Director, smoothed by the moment of acting … each other about whether the holo message he sent was passive-aggressive Or passive-Passive.. Martin-Green and Ajara continue to play off each other. It continues after the book is saved, you can ride the disco again and be safe, and you can only kiss after being friends or partners for over a year.

But despite this advance in that relationship, not everything is right for Burnham. Even Tilly advised the monkeys that he needed to tell Vance that his number one had been cheated. Michael’s friends are beginning to realize that her disgust can cause real problems for them, and they are siding with the Starfleet. By the end of the episode, the monkey frees Michael from her duty as a co-pilot, and she not only says he’s doing the right thing … but also responds by removing her communication badge. Hmm …Stamets (Anthony Rapp) and Adila (Blue Delvalio)

Stamets (Anthony Rapp) and Adila (Blue Delvalio)

Meanwhile, Adila (Blue del Barrio) got a small but great thread as his friendship with Stamets (Anthony Rapp) grew. Even while Gray (Ian Alexander) (which may or may not be real) continues to tell Adila that he needs to open the door to the rest of the crew, Stamets is a young trill host himself. Notice that you are talking to. It’s reassuring that the show isn’t dragging the little business of “no one knows Gray is there other than Adila,” but Paul’s reaction is even better. He understood it and loved someone who died and managed to come back. “I believe in you,” he told Adila. Rap’s character has changed considerably from the thorny SOB he had at the beginning of the first season, and this scene shows its evolution very well.

Questions and notes from Q Continuum:

  • Another thing about Discovery’s repairs: The ship no longer looks like a future-proof short trek “Calypso” decades after the Season 3 event … it’s not without its way. At some point, to resolve this seemingly discontinuous continuity.
  • We mention “Bajoran exchange” here, and we also see Bajoran.
  • Our long-lost companion Ash Tyler dropped his name from Georgeu, and that’s what makes it interesting.
  • The self-sealing stem bolts that are part of Michael and Georgeu’s cover story here are, of course, from the Deep Space Nine story involving Jake and Nog.
  • The crew has a new communication badge that can do basically anything. But I still don’t know how the personal transporter works unless it’s somehow connected to the user’s brain to program where to send the beam …?
  • The book ship is growing on me. Do you have a name?


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