Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 11 Review: Su’Kal

Crew Discovery I’m surprised that there are signs of life emanating from the abandoned Kerpien ship found in that mysterious nebula, but it shouldn’t. This season, he is very interested in finding out if the monkey is the right leader in this brutal new future, and his arc clearly cares about the needs of one person more than many. At that point, I’ve foreseen important choices for weeks. The moment of the test is on him, which may be at the expense of his life, or the life of his crew. (I think his captain’s chair will cost him at least next season, but that’s just a shot in the dark.)

There was never a real question as to whether the monkey would jump to the chance to rescue the child still trapped in the wreckage of the Kerpien ship. And, of course, Michael has blamed the event for the collapse of the organization she loved most since arriving in the 32nd century, so the truth about Burn she’s crazy about. I can’t resist the opportunity to find it.Hugh is at least a medical expert, so tagging makes some sense, but it’s just another installment that feels like it. Discovery He simply enjoys constantly putting him and Stamets in deadly danger. There is no reason other than that it can be done.

As I mentioned last weekI’ve always missed Philippa Georgio’s presence at the show, but I didn’t think the weight of her absence could be felt so quickly and completely.Indeed, this episode would have been greatly improved by the presence of Anyone Willing to discuss the more difficult aspects of the situation: The trip to the Nebula of Monkey and Michael is actually a kind of stupid plan at first, which they can make after recognizing Skull’s abilities. The wisest decision would have been to kill or otherwise incapacitate him in the name of preventing countless more deaths.

this is Star TrekOf course, the plan didn’t go anywhere, of course, but the fact that no one mentions the difficult truth to Michael or Monkey is a kind of problem. (Except for Tilly, she tries to jump away at least Michael, so a little Discovery Safely – Just a minute too late. )

The emotional burden in this story comes from Doug Jones. Doug Jones is once allowed to cover all visitors with his familiar skin and convey every moment of the monkey’s emotions, thanks to the strangeness of the program that protects the skull. Conflict with a very human face. The lack of artificial limbs he usually wears allows for some executive nuances that he is not always given, and Jones sells the monkey’s personal sorrow and devastation to what he sees every second.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 11 Review: Su’Kal

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