Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Episode 2 Easter Eggs and References

However, it is not clear who was Burnham’s co-pilot before the monkey returned home. Tilly? Maybe?

Jorjiu’s telescope

When monkeys and burnham talk about Jorjiu, they look at the telescope.This telescope appeared in the first episode of Star Trek: Discovery Season 1, “Vulcan Greetings”. And at that time, it wasn’t a metaphor. At that point, Burnham, Monkey, and Jorjiu used it to investigate lurking Klingon vessels that could not be detected by the sensors. After Jorjiu’s death, Burnham obtained a telescope as part of Jorjiu’s will, but Burnham later handed it over to the monkeys. discover.. The telescope now seems to be shared by both parties.

Also, for the sake of clarity, when the monkey refers to Jorjiu here, he is only talking about Prime Jorjiu, the late captain. USS Shinshu..

Curious and curious

when discovery y Jumping abnormally, Stamets says “curious and curious” This is a quote from Alice in Wonderland..of discover In Season 1, it was established that Michael Burnham read this book by her adoptive mother, Amanda Grayson.Spock also quotes from Alice in Wonderland, Of “light and shadow” discover Season 2, Episode 7. I don’t know why I like Stamets Alice in Wonderland, However, Spock’s mother, who is reading Lewis Carroll’s work, animation series It was called “Mysterious Star” in 1973. 2019, Nicholas Meyer — Director The Wrath of Khan And consulting producer Disco Season 1— Alice in Wonderland NS discover It may have been his idea. “I’m trying to remember if I grew up Alice in Wonderland That first year[of[の[ofStar Trek: Discovery, ” Meyer said in 2019.. “It wouldn’t surprise me to know what I did, and it didn’t surprise me to know that I didn’t.

Gray’s new body comes from Picard

Culver tells Adila and Gray that Gray’s new synth body was created using the “Soon Method.”This refers to the finale of Picard Season 1 when Picard’s heart was transferred to a humanoid synth. So, Soong Culber isn’t referring to Data’s dad Noonien Soong, but to Data’s human “brother”, Altan Soong.

Gray mentions becoming a host again.

Gray says, “I want to be the host again.” This is a simple explanation, but it’s actually a bit wild. This means two things. One is that the Trill host may join. another Symbiotic organisms after binding to another. Obviously, there was no reason to think about this so far. Usually, the reason a host doesn’t have a symbion is because the host died and the symbion passed on to someone else. So now Gray will be “reborn”, No With Tal, he’s right, he was able to host again.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Episode 2 Easter Eggs and References

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