Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Episode 2 Review-Abnormal

But to be honest, this episode is from David Ajara. The sadness of the book is instant and overwhelming-the show essentially confirms that he is now the last of his kind, except for the discovery of aliens elsewhere-and he reacts to it. I will … probably in the way we all envisioned. He’s angry and wants to do something, but he didn’t even know he needed a new beginning, but before he told the people he was part of how much he cares about them I was overwhelmed by being torn from. It’s the clearest view ever about who the book is and what drives him. We look forward to more of it as the season continues.

Still, it turns out that Ajala and Anthony Rapp have pretty great chemistry together, and the fact that Stamets not only doesn’t like the Book very much, but actually feels it. envy In some respects he is necessary as opposed to the treatment of children’s gloves he receives from everyone else. Is it a kind of terrible cliché to discover respect for each other during a dying journey through the anomalous outer edge? exactly. that’s why? Not at all. Because they feel helpless, Stamets has a quiet promise to solve the mystery of what happened to Kwedian. Thanks to Book for saving his family from the Dilithium planet last season. I’m an adult enough to admit that it made me right in my heart. I don’t know if it makes sense for them to be friends, but this thorny new connection really works for me.

Despite the fact that most of the episodes focus on trying to understand what an unexplained space event is, there are actually other amazing amounts of things happening in the “abnormal”. The monkey is back and is the new second commander of Burnham. (“Mr. Monkey” is the perfect title.) Due to the fact that the show did not drag the issue of his return and quietly revived him as the emotional and moral compass of the ship with little fanfare. I may be told. It’s almost funny that monkeys are literally asked to be therapists for everyone, but Doug Jones is quiet care and kindness that makes it clear why everyone wants to tell him all the problems. I’m letting go.

Culver is pretty close to completing a gray synthetic body (with Picardy’s namedropping, Star Trek: Picard Fans will certainly find it interesting). Adila works overtime to impress Tilly with her algorithmic skills during a crisis, but the newly created lieutenant seems to have a small belief crisis about the career path she believed in her life. is. Tilly, a classic achiever, is confused because he has achieved at least part of the goal he intended to chase most of his life while trying to handle everything he experienced during a repair ship disaster. You may find that you are. ..

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Episode 2 Review-Abnormal

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