Star Trek: Discovery’s David Ajara Explains Why Books Are Not Superman

In Star Trek: Discovery’s latest episode, Scavengers, David Ajara returns as Michael Burnham’s (Sonequa Martin-Green) courier and former partner Cleveland’Book’booker. In this segment, he realized he was in deep (cosmic) trouble and was in serious need of rescue. This puts your character in a surprisingly vulnerable place than you’ve ever seen. But again, Michael Burnham seems to be influencing people … Ajara, who participated in Discovery as a regular this season, is new to the show as the Burnham and Disco crew landed far away. Obviously brought the edge of the non-space fleet-in the future, almost 1,000 years from their own time, it’s quite different from what they imagined. I recently called the actor to discuss what a special sparkbook shares with Michael, the importance of Star Trek’s social critique, and, of course, the cat’s resentment (and her true nature).

David Ajara as a book, a grudge against a cat.

Books and Burnham

The “Scavengers” are interesting because the book is in a unique position on Michael’s line. He was introduced as the number one rogue player at the season premiere, but by the end of the episode he is secretly working to save an endangered alien species. I learned that. So he was a nice guy, but he had a specific mission. But in this episode, to help Michael secure the information, he ends up in a prison labor camp where there seems to be no way to escape-other than being blown away-“You sometimes praise yours. I never know the depth of the book, and I love someone until it’s just revealed, “says Ajara about why the book took on this mission. “And it became very clear that Book was in a situation where his life was at stake and he didn’t have to do this, and he certainly did himself. He didn’t have to do that, but he’s the kind of person who is willing to command his life for the right person or the right people, so his love for Michael Burnham-praise, care-is I think it’s reflected in his actions. “

Of course, love seems to be a meaningful word here. Because by the end of the episode, Michael and Book will kiss after spending a year together as friends and business partners.

Star Trek: Discovery-Season 3 Photo: “Scavengers”

“During the year they spent a lot of time together and had so many different adventures, their relationship was always” I have your back, you have my back. I will always empower you and you will empower me, “says the actor. “There’s nothing romantic about it. We spent a lot of time together and were able to bring out the best in each other, so we sacrificed, compromised, and exposed to show such a level of love. I think I was willing to do that, so when that kiss happened, I think the situation they bring by lining up their lives and lining up their characters is for a bit of romance. I feel that it creates the right kind of fertile land. “

No superhero

One of the things Ajara was very aware of during this season’s shoot was, “This guy isn’t a superman. He’s not a superhero. He’s just someone who has the ability and courage to love. And this is shining in a book deal with fellow prisoners of the “Scavengers”. The character is a kind of collaborator, an Andorian who sees it as a way to help other prisoners and works for their overlord, even if they hate him. In fact, the only prisoner who seems to show compassion for the Andorian or understand him is the book.

“For someone like Cleveland Booker, I think he knows directly what it feels like to be an outsider because of his own personal history of being banished from his family.” Ajara says. “He knows how it feels, and if possible, he has experienced God helping him, so he is sacrificed because someone else has been banished. I try not to feel the same because I am malicious, which is why I am with the Andorian played by the brilliant Noah. [Averbach-Katz], Their connections and friendships are very readable. Because they help each other and do not get from helping each other. The only thing they get is to save everyone. There is no motive behind it. And I think it enhances storytelling. Especially in this episode, which sets the difference aside and works together for the common good. “

Ajara’s mention that the book has been banished to the family is a callback to the Discovery Season premiere. So he revealed to Michael that he was no longer welcomed at home because of a different worldview than his loved one. “But I don’t trade anything about who I am,” he tells her. The scene is easy to read as an analogy of the world we live in now. There, people, and many families, are highly polarized due to different political beliefs.david-ajala-book-burnham-sonequa-discovery

Books and Michael.

“One of Star Trek’s strengths is always the practice of social criticism,” says Ajala. “I think it was Star Trek’s bread and butter, and I think it was able to withstand the challenges of the time. What was really profound was this season’s filming and the blockade by COVID-19. I think it was the last wrapping. And I’m thinking about COVID-19 and how it affected the world. And we know very little about it, but it’s still with us now. It had a huge impact on those who weren’t together, those who are still recovering. Next, think about the movement of BLM and how the world is stagnant, what’s happening, and those. I was able to really see how some of the themes were reflected in the season, especially in Episode 6. When you tell the story as an actor and a writer, you heal the world a bit. What should be said about feeling empowered, knowing that it contributes to helping you to be, and there is something very special about it. “

Resent the cat fan theory: when a cat is just a cat

In the book there is a cat named Grudge that he loves, loves and considers to be the “queen”. However, the theory that Star Trek is Star Trek and Star Trek fans are Star Trek fans is probably more than just a normal (albeit large) cat, in some circles. I did.

Inspiring this concept is an episode of the original series called “Messenger from Space”, a cat named Isis (and a cat that could take the form of a woman) who was revealed to be a makeover. Is the fact that has appeared. So I had to ask Ajara if he had more resentment than he could see.

“Oh, I heard about this!” The actor laughs. “See, I saw it online. Some people sent me a message, and they’re like,” Seriously, is the grudge a transformant? ” As far as I know, she is not a makeover. as far as I know. “Resent the cat.

Resent the cat.

This would seem to completely resolve this argument. Or is it so?

“But I may not be familiar with that information, so who knows!”

To be sure, you need to keep watching Star Trek: Discovery Season 3.

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