Star Trek: Prodigy Timeline Description — Is Janeway already a hologram?

This is by design. Hajuman wants the character to learn organically about the Commonwealth and the Starfleet. This begins to happen in episode 2. Still, if you’re a longtime fan of the franchise, there are actually some Easter eggs hidden in the pilot’s clear view. Zero from Medusan and Jankom from Tellarite Both From the exotic species first introduced in TOS. The tellarites have seen a decent amount discover, Medusa appeared in only one TOS Episode, the famous third season banger, “Beauty and Truth, No Beauty,” where Spock rocks the IDIC pin, and the shades of their red space.

“We went through the entire universe and found something really interesting, which I thought was underutilized,” says Kevin Hageman. “As you know, Trek has covered the Klingons, so we didn’t intend to make them the main villains, but conversely, because Klingons are an important species, we are definitely. I would like to introduce the Klingon to a young audience. Don’t overstate it! “

One of the pilots genius Introduce to all The viewer is a training hologram version of Captain Kathryn Janeway vocalized by Kate Mulgrew and will replay her role for the first time since. Voyager Since ending in 2001 and her short cameo as Admiral Janeway Star Trek Nemesis But if Janeway turned into a training hologram, when would this ridiculous new trek take place? Physically the show is set in the delta quadrant, what year is it? The answer is, genius Occurs in 2383.5 years from the end Voyager, About a year after the latest season Lower deckVery close to the first flashback of, and Picard, 2385. meaning, genius It is pushed into a very specific part of the canon.And apparently, it’s been 5 years since I brought it Voyager Accept promotion to home and admiral Nemesis, Janeway seems to have agreed to turn her personality and portrait into a training hologram.This means our Janeway is still there.Hologram Janeway hasn’t replaced her, now (at least) 2 her. This precedent is very simple.In DS9 Episode, “Julian’s Secret, Do I Guess?” We met Dr. Zimmerman, the human being who was the basis of the Emergency Medical Hologram. Now, the same can be said for training holograms based on Janeway.

Conclusion: in genius, All of these Star Trek The rules are important. “We wanted to make sure our show wasn’t in the cartoon Mirror Universe,” says Kevin Hageman. “We know we are right around the corner Picard.. We’ve talked to their showrunners about what they’re doing. Make sure everything works together.There is an event in Picard It will have a dramatic impact on our young characters. “

It’s unclear how events on the other side of the galaxy will affect the character. Primitive star, Robert Beltran also plays his role as Chakotay Voyager.. Interestingly, this is about the same time that Seven of Nine probably joined the Fenris Rangers. Picard.. NS genius Expansion can shed new light on what is perhaps the interesting decade of the 24th century, the 2380s. Why are there so many events here? What else could be happening? For the first time, Star Trek answers these questions from a new perspective. For the first time in Trek’s history, new spacecraft crews know less about Star Trek than Trek’s.

Star Trek: Prodigy Timeline Description — Is Janeway already a hologram?

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