Star Wars 1313 Gameplay Leak Function Boba Fett on the Hunt

Of the canceled ones Star Wars game, Star Wars 1313 The Disney acquisition was one of the more memorable ones for the impressive show at E3 2012 a year ago that killed it more or less. After years of scattered pieces, the gameplay video has now leaked, showing more than three minutes of gameplay starring Boba Fett.

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This leaked gameplay was uploaded from The Vault, a channel primarily focused on free radicals. Battle Front III, Yet another cancellation Star Wars game.The video shows a bounty hunter walking in a market in Coruscant, a planet that has been featured or mentioned on other planets. Star Wars Media like Rogue One, Clone Wars, When Phantom Menace..Then it makes a hard cut to the pursuit on foot that is reminiscent of unknown When Fett pursues a goal and accomplishes various acrobatic feats along the way. The video then has some irrelevant parts of the game, such as dramatic enemy death animations, more platforms, melee brawls, and various other animations all done in a gray test environment. It ends with a snippet.

This footage has a lot of unfinished textures and is only available at 480p, so it’s a bit blurry.But it shows what LucasArts was aiming for, and it looks like a natural continuation of what was in it. E3 2012 demo..

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This is not the first time Star Wars 1313 It leaked to the Internet.Animation test Upload to youtube In 2016, some of the same footage was seen at the end of the leaked gameplay. In 2020, Christopher Scott, the game’s lead environmental artist, uploaded some artwork. His Art Station page, Coruscant also appeared.That same year, Reddit user LifeByTheSword also I uploaded a screenshot It has the same HUD and the general look of leaked footage of Boba Fett on the same planet.Artist Gus Mendonça also released Some concept art Of online games a few years ago

President of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy Said in 2015 The game is “gold” and “I don’t want to throw away such things”.She also said that they “see, pour, discuss, and [they] It has the potential to develop them further. But it was almost seven years ago and was with everything else. Star Wars The game in production, it seems unlikely 1313 It will soon officially reappear and will only survive through such leaks.

Star Wars 1313 Gameplay Leak Function Boba Fett on the Hunt

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