Star Wars: A squadron with free updates to get new maps and two new Star Fighters

EA Motive Announces Space Shooter Star Wars: Squadron By the end of the year, the game will have two new major updates and new content such as new maps and new ships.

As detailed in the game’s official blog, the first of these updates will be released on November 25th, bringing a new map to multiplayer known as Fostar Haven. From the first prologue mission of the game. An isolated trading post, formerly home to smugglers and pirates, will now be able to play in fleet combat and dogfight modes.

The update also includes four new components, as the name implies, including a boost expansion kit to give a full boost to a starfighter or bomber. Interceptors and fighters will get ion rockets, bombers and figers will get prototype pierced pedos, and U wings and tiepers will get objective rocket turrets.

Then, in December, two new starfighters will be added to the game. The New Republic will acquire the B-wing (a bomber class with a gyro cockpit), and the Empire will acquire a fighter class, the Tydefender, with its own shield. Finally, the December update also adds a custom match that allows 1-5 players from two teams to play one of the seven maps of the game in dogfights and fleet battles, giving players their own. You can set modifiers and play as you like.

All this seems to be facing previous rumors that the game doesn’t get additional content, but the reason given by EA Motive is astonished by the enthusiastic reception of the game from fans and players. It means that. Creative Director Ian Frazier said, “With our enthusiastic support for Squadrons, we were able to extend Squadrons further in all of the above ways and weren’t any more excited. We’re particularly excited about the custom match feature. Community It will allow you to take more ownership of the game and create your own experience for many years to come. “

Star Wars: Squadron Now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. You can see what we thought in Josh’s review here.

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