Star Wars: Bad Batch Episode 7 Easter Egg Description

Captain Rex

Clone Captain Rex returns to Star Wars Animated universe!For those who don’t know, he’s a longtime character from Clone Wars, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padme Amidala, and Ahsoka Tano.. At the show, he often had an attachment to Anakin and Ahsoka and built a strong relationship with them.

At the end of Clone Wars, Ahsoka succeeded in getting rid of Rex’s control chips very difficult before other clones killed her as part of Rex. Order 66 of the new emperor.. He had to look directly at the deaths of those clones and realized they died on the other side of the war.

He had previously met Bad Batch as part of his mission on Planet Anax. There they together discovered that Echo was still alive after being captured and transformed by the Separatists. Rex has been fond of Echo since he was serving with him before, and was plagued by the Separatists turning him into a living computer.

Rex turned out to be the person the Martes sisters were in contact with last week.He was intimate with Ahsoka, who first met Rafa and Trace, so it makes sense for him to know them. Clone Wars.. She probably contacted him with her sister. “Battle Scars” also means that Rex is still in contact with Ahsoka himself as he tries to fight the empire without putting a target on his back.

omega Note that Rex is a “Gen1” clone. This is not really a jargon used in any particular area. Star Wars in the past. However, it can be presumed to mean the first batch of clones, that is, clones expanded with geonosis. Clone attack..

Rex also mentions Fives, a clone trooper who discovered an inhibitor chip and was killed as part of the fallout of that discovery.

Star Wars: Bad Batch Episode 7 Easter Egg Description

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