Star Wars Battlefront 2 Developers and DICE Veterans Announce Departure

Star Wars Battlefront IIDennis Brännvall, creative director and veteran of DICE, has announced that he will leave the studio after eight years of work.

“We are the first Star Wars The deal was signed and the entire studio meeting was filled with goosebumps and tears of joy, “Brännvall wrote in a tweet. “8 A few years later, the trip is over and I will be moving from EA DICE at the end of this month. Thank you everyone. May the Force always be with you. “

Brenval joined DICE in 2012 as an associate-level designer. Battlefield 4.. In 2014 he moved to Star Wars Battlefront, He was a lead-level designer.He was the design director at Battlefront IIEventually, I will be the creative director of DICE in December 2019.

The· Battlefront II The community finally contacted when Brännvall announced in April this year that the development of the title was complete, ending the turbulent era of DICE. Battlefront IINotorious launch of.

“Development of characters, worlds and experiences set in this amazing galaxy Star Wars This is an honor and continues to be a remarkable, rewarding, and ultimately rewarding journey for the entire team, “Brännvall wrote. “We know we have a passionate community of millions of players, Star Wars Fans, like us, are the greatest inspiration we’ve ever had while riding. “

Brenval doesn’t say why he’s leaving DICE and where he’s going next, but I wish him good luck with his efforts.

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Star Wars Battlefront II Design Director Is Leaving DICE After 8 Years of Service

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