Star Wars Best Games: 10 Must-See Titles Set in Faraway Galaxy

Star Wars consists of dozens of different stories, many of which are told outside the mainline film. Since the founding of the franchise, one of the most prominent sources of information has been video games, with studios rethinking Star Wars’ existing stories and characters, and dozens of racing games, shooters, flight simulators, role-playing games and more. I am creating new things across the game genres of. Star Wars games can be a little weird in the future, but there are already plenty of great games to play in galaxies far away. Below is a summary of the 10 best Star Wars games.

As a quick note: These games are not listed in order from highest to lowest and vice versa. From TIE Fighter in 1994 to Republic Commando Remastered in 2021, and all the games we loved in the meantime, we’ve briefly listed them in order of release. And yes, KOTOR is on the list. If you come here just to make sure you didn’t forget to list KOTOR, you don’t have to keep scrolling. And with Star Wars: The Old Republic of Knights remaking it for PS5 / PC in Aspyr’s work, there’s never been a better time to look back at the iconic BioWare RPG. Whenever a new Star Wars game is released, I’ll come back and update this list (assuming it’s enough to knock off any of these games).

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