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Rogue offers a decisive strike against Izanne Isard on the cover Bacta war.
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In 2023, Patty Jenkins will offer (withholding the future impact of the world we live in) Illegal squadron, Next major theatrical release Star Wars Saga: The story of the brave squadron of far-flung galaxy pilots.Rogue has a long history within the canon and a long history from the canon, but Jenkins Clarified Her movie is not a direct adaptation Of their adventureHere are some of the characters you’ll want to see in her cast, analog or otherwise.

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Wedge Antilles

It’s really unfair to start here.Wedge Antilles Largest fighter pilot To Star Wars, The legend behind the cockpit of one of the greatest starfighters in science The history of fiction.To Star Wars‘Current Canon, Rogue squadron may have followed Luke’s lead Officially establishedInspired directly by Jyn Erso’s Rogue One team, the wedge is the face of Luke’s leader, Rogue. Moved to Focus on the teachings of his Jedi..

Jenkin or nots’ Illegal squadron In the era of the Galactic Civil War, or decades later, during the collapse of the New Republic, or even earlier. The rise of Skywalker— Whether it’s the cockpit or training for a new generation of rogues, you’ll find it wrong to not involve wedges in any way.

Asyr Sei’lar

The relationship between Achille and Rogue Squadron is fascinating — young button, She basically accidentally contracted with them while the team was infiltrating a mission to Coruscant. Asyr was stuck to become one of Rogue’s most trusted pilots until he appeared dead in the Battle of Distna. However, it turns out that Achille actually returned to her hometown of Bosaui and falsified her death to instigate changes in the secrecy isolationist policies of Bosan society.

In addition, for the love of God, literally ask everyone involved Star Wars Currently in an official position: Please give me a bosan.. Please. That’s when we came to see one and they don’t have to die to offer anything.

Tycho Sertu

Star Wars Fascinated in many ways With the North Korean defectors of the empire.. The current norms are full of people who have joined the good side after questioning indescribable evil. Sequel movie fins, Callus Rebels, Iden Versio in Battlefront II, Yrica Quell in the Excellent Alphabet squadron series..But back in the old canon, one of the most prominent North Korean defectors in the world Illegal squadron The book was Tycho Celchu — the Alderans who flew for the empire before his hometown was destroyed New hope Defeated him by the Rebel Alliance.

On both sides of the Galactic Civil War, Tycho was considered one of the greatest pilots in the galaxy and one of the most beloved members of the Rogue Squadron. But when he was captured during a campaign against the tyrannical monarch Izanne Isard and was about to be brainwashed by her, he proved his past as an empire and as one of the Rebel Alliance. In addition, I had to oppose allegations from fellow New Republic colleagues and commanders. The best pilot did not overshadow his judgment — at some point he was even tried on suspicion of killing a fellow pilot. Tycho’s loyalty is for the pilot (Quran Horn, I’ll explain later!) To actually appear, prove he wasn’t captured and dead, rejoin the Rogue, and Wedge creates a wraith. Proven squadron when taking over the team when leaving.


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Derek “Hobby” Crivian

Like wedges, hobbies are old-fashioned rogues. Rebels, We saw him hired as an exile with Wedge, and he is one of the founding members of the squadron.A quick look at him preparing for the Battle of Hoth Empire Strikes BackSuspect that a handful of fighters could escort a rebel transport ship fleeing Star Destroyer on an icy planet.That attitude is one of the old EU books Ran And cast the hobby as a permanent part of the team Ironically Dour Doom Sayre — Despite repeated evidence of how dire the Rogue squadron has been in many hours, his pilot skills have always helped keep the team out of the fire.

Kasan Moore

The old Canon Rogue Squadron had more than a fair share of asylum pilots, but Kasan, like Tycho in front of her, is proud to be one of the best. Also like Tycho, Kasan was an orphan in Alderaan. With the destruction of her hometown, she leaves the empire and becomes one of the most ardent enemies, sharing her know-how on empire tactics and technology with the Alliance’s Starfighters and turning them around. Helped. She took an old TIE interceptor and handed the ship to Rogue so she could study one of the most dangerous ships that enemies could fly into.

Quran horn

Move the Jedi as far as possible Illegal squadron In the movie, there’s something fascinating about the possibility of seeing Force users behind Starfighter’s controls full-time and how those skills can help change the flow of dogfights. ..I could see Luke switch off the target computer, yes, but then He was still relatively untrained in the Force’s abilities.But Clone Wars In the days of Prequel, I barely touched on what it was like to use the Force in Starfighter combat (insert the “Flying for Droids!” Dot gif here). What if you see someone who is not only a trained pilot, but also familiar with their strength in force?

If we Must Get a Jedi or Force Sensitive figure in this movie. The Quran is a great template. A former detective before joining the New Jedi Order, he has always been one of Rogue.s’ Even if not sensitive to force, the most skilled fighters play a vital role in helping Rogue and New Republic siege Coruscant, navigating deadly storms to the planet’s shield system. Disables alone.


Aril and her brother, Nien.
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Aril Nunb

But The rise of Skywalker Extended novelization Seemingly confirmed Its absolute legend Nien Nunb died in a battle over Exegol, the legacy of Nambu behind some spaceship controls lives on characters like Allyl (whether Jenkins or not). Can continue Illegal squadron It takes place before or after the sequel trilogy is seen). Ally, the younger sister of Nien of the old Canon, resisted imperial imprisonment and torture to fight Isard with fellow Rogue in the Bacta War. What is the only reason she left the team?She was promoted and got her My terrible capital ship.. She eventually even became a captain!

Gavin Darklighter

Cousin of Biggs Darklighter, Gavin’s Canonization will provide a wonderful throwback to the legacy of his infamous short-lived relatives in the film. Gavin wasn’t a member of the original Rogue, but a New Republic pilot who was offered a place for that reformed lineup when he impressed Wedge with his piloting abilities. Gavin was a very basic player in the repetitive New Republic of Rogue Squadron, so when Wedge and Tyco finally retired, he was a pilot who stepped up to replace them as their leader.

Eve Tisam

Eve Tisam is an interesting character, not just because it’s cool Star Wars A movie that increases the alien protagonist in the main cast. Mon Calamari, who piloted the B-wing at the Battle of Endor, was shot down and drifted for hours, taking months to recover from PTSD. Unit Nrin Vakir realized that he was behind the control of the X-Wing, the ship he was thinking of. HateAfter spending time as a bomber pilot.Because if you’re going to do a movie about hot shot fighter pilots, they Recommendation Trash talk Which alphabet fighter is the best, correct?


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Hohass Ekwesh

He is a horse

Sure, I’m cheating here. Hohass was not a member of Rogue Squadron. After he and Rogue Squadron left The New Republic for a short time to defeat Isard, he was in Wraith Squadron, a Wedge-created hybrid Starfighter / Commando unit, and decided to lead Rogue. You know what they will be!

However, Wraith is closely associated with Rogue through not only commanding wedges, but also through Star Wars missions and the role of an independent task force capable of ground elite combatants. Rogue Squadron was already the best of the best Ragtag Fighter Aces, but Wraith was able to match blasters with incompatible rebel blasters who could get the job done inside and outside the cockpit. Ekwesh, also known as “Land” by friends, was not only a founding member, but also a villain who died to protect his friends from the Yuuzhan Vong attack while stealing Super Weapons.

Anyway, he is a horse. When you get a new version of Rogue Squadron, frankly, there’s plenty of room to wiggle enough to put a horse in the are necessary A room that moves in many small steps.

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