Star Wars: Exclusive Excerpt from High Republic-Into the Dark

The lack of a new Star Wars movie in 2021 does not mean that Disney does not have a big franchise plan in other media. This includes High Republic, a new publishing initiative that sheds light on the Star Wars story 200 years before Episode I. This new story began on January 5th in Charles Soule’s novel Star Wars: High Republic-The Jedi Light. We look forward to more new books and comics in the coming months and years. can debut an exclusive excerpt from the next big release on the High Republic line. Author Claudia Gray, whose previous Star Wars book includes the 2015 Lost Star and the 2016 Bloodline, returns to the High Republic: Into the Dark franchise. This YA novel is built on the foundation of the Jedi’s light (while acting as a stand-alone story), and the Jedi and refugee ensemble cast is a “catastrophe” (a deadly hyperspace that forms the core of) Explore how it is affected by (space attacks). High Republic Conflict. The book revolves around the struggle of book lover Padawan Reese Silas, who wants to spend his days in the Jedi archives rather than the wild frontiers of the galaxy. But the Force works in a mysterious way, so Reese and his master find themselves among the hundreds of travelers stuck on an abandoned, very creepy space station.

Before we get into the excerpt, we have a little context. This passage is taken from the early days of the book after a hyperspace disaster forced Reese’s ship and many others to evacuate to the aforementioned space station. As refugees panicked and began to store food and supplies, riots quickly broke out, forcing Reese and his associates to restore law and order. As I’ll explain, it’s not Reath’s specialty.

The screams drew his attention to the struggle taking place near another entrance to the airlock ring. Reese’s eyes widened when he saw Nan holding a giant human man.

Her arms were fixed to her side and she struck her head from side to side, but she couldn’t escape. She seemed more angry than fear, but she had to feel fear.

“The Hague!” Nan exclaimed. “The Hague, help me!”

She had no one to trust to take care of her throughout the galaxy. Reese had no doubt that The Hague was ready to hit her child napper with a cane. Nor did he suspect that The Hague would soon be beaten or killed for his problems.

Reese took a few steps towards them and jumped. His leap took him five meters above the grass, through a vine that hit his limbs, to a point directly in front of Nan and her kidnapper. Both of them seemed equally surprised to see him.

Another person wearing a red scarf staggered behind him. “Are you here to tell us that we are out of order?” He said in a mocking voice. “There is no law yet in these parts, little boys. That means you can get off this station as much as we can, and we can carry her well.”

Nan’s eyes were wide. “Breathing-what are you?” She lost her breath and could only stare at the lightsaber incredibly.

He ran the scenario in his head. There wasn’t much. All of them were more violent than he liked.

Reese evenly said, “If you don’t leave her and leave, I’ll be forced to take action.”

“What do you think you can take both of us out with your little twinkling sword?” Mocked the thug holding Nan in the grip of death. “Looks like a toy.”

“No,” Reese quietly said, putting power and intent into his words. “Put her down and leave.”

But like all other previous attempts to change thinking with the Force, this failed. The man carved in red swung forward with his hips in his hand. “Do the worst, little boy.”

Reath has never been in this position. That is, he had to take action first and do harm. He was always wondering if he would hesitate. If he doubts himself.

But when it came to saving lives, I didn’t hesitate.

Instead, Reese states: “I understand that artificial limbs are more advanced than artificial limbs. They are more comfortable.”

The flickering of understanding did not appear on the man’s face until shortly after Reese’s lightsaber wiped his arm and amputated it with his elbow. The forearm rolled down to the ground. The man’s facial expression, carved in red, changed from self-righteousness to distrust, and the shocked nerve endings finally became painful and crumpled with a grimaces.

Soon a big man dropped Nan and hit the shadow jungle surrounding them. Looking at his abandoned forearm, Nan put his hand on his mouth. Reese said, “I have to be on the lookout for airlocks. Come with me.”

The man carved in red finally knelt down and barked. “What did you do to me?”

Reese holstered his lightsaber. “As soon as the situation calms down, we will give you a complete medical examination.”

So he drew Nan to his side. He didn’t know how to balance himself for a leap while he was carrying someone else, so he quickly recalculated. “wait.”

Her arm went around his neck. Reese jumped forward and upward in a sharp arc until his freehand grabbed one of the longest vines. Their momentum and weight left behind, swinging on a long curve back to the airlock ring.

As soon as they landed, Nan dashed towards the lock where her ship and The Hague were waiting. Of course, she wants to find her guardian. However, she looked over her shoulder and shouted, “Thank you!”

Reese managed a short smile for her before he picked up the lightsaber again.

Star Wars: Meet the Jedi Padawan of the High Republic

Orincans leveled the blaster when Cohmac jumped onto the deck of the station. Magnetic seal? He thought of the station. Probably.

The blue blade of his lightsaber ignited, and its brilliance cut through the darkness. When Orincans fired, he spun the saber and skillfully deflected the beam into a larger tree trunk that could support it, or some of the abandoned cargo boxes and trunks. His main purpose was not to hit the wall.

With an astonishing scream, the Oricans hurriedly withdrew. He glanced down just in time and saw the aura present the lightsaber and ignite it. The two blades glow white and pierce the shadow. Midi soon began to retreat. But it was too easy for the predators to escape. The layout of the station meant that he and Aura were literally running in a circle trying to pursue them all.

The ship lacked the military power to force the looters to leave for unobtainable profits. Therefore, stopping looting will have to be achieved through more than pure power. The reason and persuasion didn’t work either.

Awesome time.

Cormac climbed the crossbar on the atrium railing. His eyes detected Affie Hollow, cleverly hidden behind a green-covered barrier, which was of little concern. However, this girl also eventually learned what the Jedi really are.

He concentrated on his energy and used the Force. Darkness surrounded him, but the pure vitality of the creatures at the station acted on Cormac like fuel. Power spilled over his body, and ultimate clarity sharpened his mind.

So he jumped.

Affie screamed, but the sound passed by Cormac. This is another aspect of the illusion around him. Reaching out to the Force, he sensed the floor of the atrium and balanced on it. 8 meters above it.

Levitation was a complex art. The more academic masters argued why the Jedi Knights should be more difficult to lift and stabilize themselves than any other object. Cohmac considered this argument to be esoteric and academic. Besides, this was a skill that came naturally to him.

While floating in the center of the atrium, he had a lightsaber overhead. Its blue glow flickered against the exposed pieces of metal, igniting dozens of small flames. He shouted, “Listen!”

His voice echoed throughout the atrium, as Cormac calculated. The sound of the battle slowed down and then silenced. He was stared at the faces of many species, had weapons beside him, and was astonished to see a human man floating in the air, floating in the air with his own power without power.

Indeed, it was one of the least important of the Jedi’s abilities. But it drew people’s attention and gained their respect. That was all Cormac needed at the moment.

“In the name of the Republic, I command you to stop looting and thieves at this station immediately.” Cormac’s resonating voice filled the entire vast space and reached all antennas and ears. “Within 15 minutes, all captains of all ships currently moored here have either departed the crew together or prepared to cooperate peacefully. No doubt. You either stay embraced by the legislative powers of the Republic or refuse it and leave. It doesn’t matter which one you choose now, or choose one now. You will be forced. “

No one hurried away. Instead, many groups gathered themselves, placed stolen discoveries, and began shuffling towards airlock levels. They will be ready to negotiate. He and the other Jedi have the opportunity to discuss the strange phenomenon emanating from idols, which is strongly associated with the dark side.

But Cormac wasn’t fooled by what he did-more than a temporary grace. He knew that this fragile peace wouldn’t last long, as he went down in the air and the robes rippled around him.

Star Wars: The High Republic-Into the Dark is priced at $ 17.99 and will be released on Tuesday, February 2nd.

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