Star Wars: Fox Executive Says George Lucas Young Anakin “Destroys the Franchise”

An excerpt from an interview with George Lucas in Empire Magazine in 1999 is currently in the round. Lucas says 20th Century Fox executives weren’t keen on deciding to focus the first movie of the first part trilogy around 10 years-old Anakin Skywalker: Phantom Menace (huge). Published a few weeks after it opened (in a box office), the film admitted that if Lucas started the story of Anakin when he was a teenager, the film would be easier to market. Fall in love with Natalie Portman’s Queen Padme. “I kept it as originally intended,” he said. “I can’t play much in the market. The fans are the same. The fans’ expectations are so high that they wanted a movie that would change their lives and come back. As you know, I can’t. , It’s just a movie, and I can’t say, now I have to sell it to a completely different audience. I’ll talk. “

“I thought it would have been more marketable if I had Anakin at 15 instead of 9,” he continued. “If I made the Queen 18 instead of 14, it would have been more marketable, but that’s not the story. It’s important that he’s young, the age at which he leaves his mother more often It’s more drama than when I was 15, so I have to do what’s right for the movie, not what’s right for the market. “

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“You’re going to destroy the franchise, you’re going to destroy everything,” Lucas said of Fox executives’ reaction to his story choices. He also remembered telling others on Lucasfilm that he was “making a movie that no one wanted to see.”

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