Star Wars: Hunter debuts gameplay trailer

Zynga has published the first gameplay trailer for Star Wars: Hunters, an upcoming free-to-play fighting game for Switch.

After the end of the Galactic Civil War, the bright lights of the arena will explode, providing new heroes with a platform to illuminate the entire galaxy. Deep inside the outer rim of the planet of Vespaara, the battle stories and legends that define the history of the galaxy, widely broadcast on HoloNet, entertain the audience and are the champions seeking fame and wealth in this new gladiator spectacle. Lively to produce. ..

The arena collects brand new and unique hunters from across the Star Wars galaxy, each with a larger persona, a rich undiscovered past, and a set of abilities that make them formidable combatants.

Get ready for battle by choosing from a roster of new characters, including malicious bounty hunters, rebel heroes, imperial stormtroopers, and everything in between. Surpass your enemies by mastering advanced abilities, skills and strategies, fighting in fierce 4v4 third person battles and dominating your enemies on the road to fame in the arena.

Collect and equip fun and unique costumes, animations, and weapon looks to customize each hunter and create an impressive competitor ready to stand out on the battlefield for glory.

Enchant a crowd of arenas competing in multiple PVP game modes. Within the escort, defense and attack skills are important because teams need to work together to safely escort the payload before the enemy can defeat them. In control, the two teams fight, beat each other, and control the central destination area until time runs out. Each battlefield set in Vespaara’s Grand Arena is reminiscent of iconic Star Wars locales such as Tatooine, Hoss, and Endor.

Check out today’s gameplay trailer for Star Wars: Hunters below.

Star Wars: Hunters were planned before this year, Delayed to 2022 a few months ago.. We will inform you as soon as the final release date is decided.

Star Wars: Hunter debuts gameplay trailer

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