Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Recorded 20 Million Players

Over 20 million players spend their time in Star Wars games inspired by Respawn Entertainment’s single-player Souls Bourne.

Respawn Entertainment is today Twitter is available through purchases, subscription services, and free copy. Star Wars Jedi: Corrupted Order Since its launch in 2019, it has more than 20 million players.

20 million is clearly a big number, but Respawn has the game included in the Xbox Game Pass, a free copy is available at the Epic Games Store, and the number of players from the players who bought the game. It is also worth noting that it is publicly attributed to both.

The game’s continued popularity (also from pretty impressive sales before and after its launch) is the single-player Open World Star Wars held by Amy Hennig for a period of time by Respawn owner EA Games. It continues to the time when the game was canceled noisily.

Single-player Star Wars games not created by the property owner (Disney) always go through the pesky business needles: story-driven universes make more money in storylight multiplayer video games, And expensive licenses like Star Wars will always face price tag justification for creative decisions about the project.

That said Jedi: Corrupted order, Respawn not only stands on two legs in terms of sales (may have been slightly helped by the drought of the single-player Star Wars game leading up to the release), but also has a strong value for both I was able to make a game. EA Play is included in the Xbox Game Pass and Epic Games Store.

This could represent a new business debate about expensive single-player experiences — how to attract users to new hotmarkets for subscription-driven services, such as premium TV shows like The Mandalorian. May become.

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