Star Wars Jedi: Survivors are rumored to be released in February or March

Official details will be revealed at the Star Wars Celebration later this month (Photo: EA).

Same source of The Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel also shares the early 2023 release window.

Fans recently learned what the Star Wars Jedi sequel really is called. And now, the same source casually mentions the release window.

The name and release date of the game has not yet been confirmed by EA or developer Respawn, but it is said to be released within the first quarter of 2023. Specifically, February or March.

This happened in the discussion of whether Microsoft would have the first day of the release of a big third-party game on the Xbox Game Pass during the Christmas season. There is no doubt that it will make up for the delay between Starfield and Redfall.

When someone suggested a sequel to the Star Wars Jedi, Star Wars Jedi: Survivors, Insiders, and GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grab said the game wasn’t scheduled until February or March.

Grubb revealed the title of the game in his latest Grubb Snax podcast after fans guessed it right.

Grubb also said the game was scheduled for a 2022 release, but later claimed that EA’s plans were changed and postponed to 2023 due to skipping PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

This is also in line with EA’s only release schedule for the year. Although not mentioned in recent financial results, it states that both major IP and partner titles are planned for the early 2023 release. Both can be used to describe the Star Wars Jedi: Survivors.

Regarding the Xbox Game Pass speculation, Grubb has shown that Microsoft may have another EA game called Need For Speed ​​available on day one launch.

Grab and fellow insider Tom Henderson say Need for Speed ​​will be released this year, potentially in September or October. Star Wars Jedi: Like Survivor, EA admits it exists, but hasn’t shown the actual gameplay yet.

The funny thing is, we know more about Mobile Need for Speed ​​games, but EA hasn’t actually announced it. The footage was leaked online very recently and is said to be under development at Tencent.

Due to the delay in Starfield and Redfall, Microsoft lacks major first-party releases for the rest of the year, so unless there are unpublished projects in the pipeline, you’ll have to rely on third-party games like NeedForSpeed. I have.

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor now rumoured for February or March release

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