Star Wars: Rogue One: A Star Wars movie is “big influence” from the game

Disney and Lucasfilm announced this week that Patty Jenkins will oversee the Star Wars Rogue Squadron and release it in 2023. This movie isn’t a straightforward adaptation of a classic space game, but Wonder Woman’s director says they’re still a narrative structure.

Jenkins spoke with IGN to confirm that the film was based on a new script drawn from the established legacy of storytelling around the Rogue squadron. “We are doing creative things that are heavily influenced by games and books,” she said. “There’s a lot of recognition and understanding about all those greatnesses, but yes, it’s an original story and I’m very excited to do it.”

In the Rogue Squadron series, four games have been released since the first game in 1998. Developed by LucasArts and Factor 5, Luke Skywalker and his trusted wingman, Wedge Antilles, fought the empire in a vicious aerial dogfight. They laid the foundations for this year’s Star Wars: squadron, gave fans the opportunity to fly their favorite Starfighters, and participated in iconic Star Wars battles such as the destruction of Hoss and the Death Star.

The novel is the X-wing series, nine books written by Michael A. Stackpole and Aaron Allstone at about the same time, dealing with more misery in starfighters. They are loved in the old Star Wars extended universe, and much of the excitement about Flick’s outlook for Rogue Squadron sees some of its actions come back to life.

Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman 1984 will be screened in cinema on December 16th in the UK and December 25th in the United States. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron will appear on the screen in 2023. This is the best Star Wars game.

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