Star Wars: Squadrons Get Custom Games and Two New Ships with Latest Updates

Star Wars: The latest free update to Squadrons has been released with a long list of two new ships, custom multiplayer matches, and space game tweaks and changes.

According to patch notes, the latest content update adds ships to both sides of the galactic hegemony battle. The New Republic fleet has a reliable B-wing. This is a pair of sturdy wings that act as a heavy gunship, are less maneuverable, and are ideal as part of a powerful backline for extinguishing intense fire. There is an ion beam to hit the enemy’s shield. On the other side, a TIE defender joins the Imperial Japanese Navy.

An “Anti-Star Fighter Specialist”, the TIE Defender is a front-line machine with a strong shield that can be damaged and received. It is not ideal for fledgling pilots as it requires some good power management skills to get the best performance. Some changes made to both armies include clarifications to make the deployable turret features easier to understand, the rotary cannon no longer absorbs laser power when charging, and the plus burst cannon charging. Includes 50% additional damage to the player hit inside. Emphasize that it is a pursuit weapon, not a head-on combat.

Custom games and server browsers are in the multiplayer and training menus. Skill rating requirements have been updated and the gain / loss ratio has been updated to allow more accurate calculation of performance. We’ve also updated the list of regular long pork and prod to make multiplayer games fairer and more enjoyable.

The last update in November added a new map, Fostar Haven. If you need more Pew Pew in your life, we have the best Star Wars game to give you that.

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