Star Wars: Squadrons Starts Present Season with First Free Content Update

Do you remember when Star Wars: Squadrons developer Motive announced that he had zero plans for post-release content? Well, they changed their minds. There are at least two free content updates planned that aim to enrich the dog fighting experience.And one of those updates is now Star Wars: Squadron, Provides a new map and some additional components.

As a favorite place for fans of single-player stories, Motive has responded to numerous requests to add Fostar Haven to multiplayer mode from the first Star Wars: Squadrons prologue mission. Thanks to this update, the map is ready for combat in both fleet combat mode and dogfight mode. The Fostar Haven map, located in a secluded lawless area illuminated by twin stars, has been modified from the story mode map to provide a new experience that blends well with the other six maps.

In the squadron’s prologue, set at the height of the Galactic Civil War, Foster Haven was an isolated trading post that welcomed smugglers and pirates. Therefore, the Helix Squadron was dispatched there to look for the cargo docks of Alderaan refugees. Four years later, the residents of Foster Haven have made several upgrades to the station, without trusting the Empire or the New Republic. Not surprisingly. You have the chance to pass through crowded shipyards and fight in vast open spaces.

But that’s not all this update offers. It also includes four new components. For fighters and bombers, you can use the Boost Expansion Kit. This is a component that, when used, gives the Starfighter a full boost. It can then be recharged over time and used again. Interceptors and fighters, on the other hand, have a way to provide more support to capital ships and flagships. They receive an ion rocket similar to the barrage rocket they currently have. These rockets travel at half the speed of standard rockets, but can be used with other components, including nonionic counterparts.

In addition, bombers and fighters (the latter with only half the ammunition) also receive prototype piercing torpedoes, providing these two ships with new tactics to undertake capital ships. These torpedoes do less overall damage than other classes of torpedoes, but they have the very useful ability to bypass the shields of capital ships and flagships. And finally, U-Wing and TIE Reaper have a new way to support their allies when taking on enemy capital ships and flagships in the form of antimatter rocket turrets. This turret does not target enemy starfighters, but is poised to attack the flagship subsystem, capital ships, and even the turret.

Go back to the cockpit and explore Fostar Haven and other free content additions now on Star Wars: Squadrons on Xbox Series X | S. Xbox One, PS4 and PC!

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Star Wars: Squadrons kicks off the season of giving with first free content update

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