Star Wars theory believes that the Ahsoka Disney + series corrects one big last Jedi plot hole

new Star Wars Fan theory is the future Ahsoka Disney + series may fix major plot holes from The Last Jedi..Fans were excited to see the live-action version of Ahsoka Tano Mandalorian Season 2. She helped Din Jarin a lot on his mission and revealed that the child’s real name was Grog. Tano was the one who sent Jarin and Grog to Tyson’s temple, and as a result, Luke Skywalker appeared to be training Grog, ending a whole new adventure.

Disney and Lucasfilm just officially announced Ahsoka A live-action series currently under development by Dave Filoni. It’s unclear when the show will start filming and exactly what will happen. However, Star Wars Fans are hoping for a live-action version of Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ezra Bridger. Other than that, there is no real idea of ​​what could happen in the upcoming Disney + series. That said, the new fan theory can shed light on something else that is controversial than the storyline.

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latest Ahsoka Fan theory includes something else Luke Skywalker’s Return.. Fans continue to say that Ahsoka Tano may be the one who warns Luke about taking over the Jedi’s legacy. At this point, Tano is probably a bit deprived of his rights, seeing Anakin Skywalker easily move to the dark side of the Force. It could see her clash with Luke. Obviously, we know that Luke started his own Jedi Temple anyway and probably ignored some of the advice Tano had given him.

It’s possible where the seeds are The Last Jedi It will be planted. Luke Skywalker clearly believes in the power of the Force and the importance of the Jedi. Otherwise he would not have come to the child. Mandalorian.. He may have been even more bitter because he didn’t listen to Ahsoka Tano’s advice after Luke went into exile in Ahsoka.There is a possibility Ahsoka The series could provide more behind-the-scenes stories about why Luke is like him when we meet Luke. The Last Jedi..

The Last Jedi May be the most disruptive in history Star Wars Historical movie. Some fans were very interested in how Rian Johnson disappointed, while others were so excited to see Jedi idols behaving featurelessly. did not. Anyway, Dave Filoni may be looking for a way to make the transition even more meaningful. This may be a great way to connect the sequel trilogy to what’s happening. Disney +Even if you bring it Mandalorian In place.For now, you’ll have to wait quite a while to see what Dave Filoni has on his sleeve Ahsoka series.latest Star Wars Fan theory comes to us from Reddit..

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Star Wars theory believes that the Ahsoka Disney + series corrects one big last Jedi plot hole

https://movieweb.com/ahsoka-disney-plus-series-last-jedi-plot-holes/ Star Wars theory believes that the Ahsoka Disney + series corrects one big last Jedi plot hole

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