Stardew Valley is coming to the Xbox Game Pass this fall

Tonight’s ID @ Xbox showcase Stardew Valley Developer Eric Barone has announced that the Farming Sim will be available on the Xbox Game Pass this fall.

At this point, I feel that Stardew Valley is everywhere. It sells millions of copies and is discounted on a regular basis, so it’s quite likely that you already own it. For me, the real attraction of appearing on the Game Pass is making it easier to persuade your friends to play together.

“I’m happy to announce that Stardew Valley will be on the Game Pass,” Barone said. “We haven’t set a release date yet, but maybe sometime in the fall. This will bring Stardew Valley to more people and allow more people to experience the world of Stardew Valley. I hope ”

You can see the full interview In this archive of streams at 2:26:14, And the Game Pass will be announced around 2:34:00. There’s no other details about the release of the Game Pass or the future of the game, but there are some nice chats about its impact on the gaming industry.Impacts such as All other games inspired by it..

Barone has been updating Stardew since its launch. The last major update is 1.5 in December 2020, Beach farm, new endgame content, split screen co-op.

Games come and go from the Xbox Game Pass every month, but the list of Stone Cold Classics there now looks pretty good.Hades arrives within this week, for example.

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