Stardew Valley Update 1.5 adds advanced options and low soil beach farms

Stardew Valley updates are highly anticipated. And it’s over 1.5. This may be the last patch to be announced in the game. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you the release date, but we can elaborate a bit more on the changes that will be released. One of these is designed to challenge you and the other is set up to give you a little more control over how things unfold. Still, both are guaranteed to keep you hooked on the world for hours to come.

The first change will be in the form of a new farm setting located on the coastline next to the sea. Not surprisingly, sand will be the central stage there, and traditional soils will be barely scattered, making it difficult to achieve future harvests. But the hardest part will come from the soft ground where sprinklers can’t be used. I hope I have a watering can …

Then it will be displayed at the start of a new game[詳細なゲームオプション]There is a menu. There, in addition to choosing the look of the farm and the character, you can also choose whether to guarantee the completion of all community center bundles in the first year (this makes the cabbage much more than usual). Guaranteed to appear early). You can switch monsters to spawn (or not spawn) on the farm. You also have the option to change the type of reward you drop into the mine.

Finally, you have the option to allow new bundles or various bundles. Selecting’classic’does not change here. Otherwise, variations in fish and harvest types can be “cut out” (please forgive puns 🙂), which helps to make things a little fresher.

The update just hit the computer. Therefore, console users can expect it sometime in the new year. In the meantime, Stardew Valley will continue to entertain us during the festival, whether it changes or not.

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Stardew Valley Update 1.5 Will Add Advanced Options and a Beach Farm With Little Soil

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