Stardew Valley’s new beach farm is worth starting over

A huge new 1.5 update to the beloved Rural Simulation Stardew Valley Surprise has begun this week. I talked about it on Wednesday, but now that I’ve been playing well for a few hours, it’s so good that I’ll talk more. The new beach farm, like all other cool new quality of life changes, is worth starting a new save file.

We always know that the annual update of Stardew Valley is very good at introducing changes that make the game better, without shaking everything we know about the game. I’ve never started Stardew after a major update and got lost and confused. This is the update 1.5 method. The beach farm map is fresh and new, but it doesn’t completely change the familiar routine.

Look at this whole and wait for it. I found the entrance to the cave in the lower left corner. I’m not sure if it connects everywhere, but I’m adding it to my list of things to investigate.

Keep in mind that sprinklers cannot be placed in the sand, although the beach is a nice scenic change. This means that if you are considering automating farm operations, you need to hurry to unlock the greenhouse or remove one piece of dirt covered by a large log. If not, it is you and your best companion, and watering can be forever.

If you Do If you want to shake the regular Stardew formula a bit more, it’s under the wrench button when you start a new save file[高度なゲームオプション]Don’t miss it. Remixing the materials needed to complete a community center bundle is a worthwhile change. I’m sure I’m not the only one who can recite the items needed for the Spring Foraging Bundle and Spring Crop Bundle.

There are nice little changes of all sorts to find if you go looking for them. For example, hidden in the options menu is an option to change the sound alert when a fish gets caught in a hook. I couldn’t stick to any of the new options because I’m so conditioned on the default noise, but hey, they’re cute.

The biggest and best part of the new update is Concerned Ape’s choice not to spoil with the announcement of the 1.5 update starting Wednesday. I will never do this either. If you want to fast-forward the way to the coolest (and hottest) part of Update 1.5, load one of the saves from a few years ago and check out the new doors in Willie’s shop. I was teased earlier this year.

“We’re looking forward to more Stardew Valley-related announcements (and perhaps beyond …) next year,” Concerned Ape concludes with the announcement of the update. He also previously stated that Stardew Valley 2 isn’t out of the question and wouldn’t be surprised to make more updates to Stardew itself. No matter what happens next year, now we need to bite more Star Dew.

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Stardew Valley’s new beach farm is worth starting over for

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