Starfield: Creation Engine 2 may not be able to climb the ladder

You see, climbing things in many video games is usually not a big deal. Even games that don’t have extensive climbing mechanics ( The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild) Normally, whenever you need to climb a ladder, etc., “throw” the character into the animation. However, climbing is not so important in most video games, so climbing is not so important in Bethesda RPGs. In fact, its lack of functionality gathers among those who feel that Bethesda’s old game engines are terribly outdated and developers haven’t done enough to upgrade them over the years. It’s like a cry.

Sure, but StarfieldThe advanced Creation Engine 2 will finally be able to climb the ladder, right?Now, Telegraph asked Howard that seemingly simple question. Recent interview, And Howard’s reaction was surprisingly evasive.

“Well … climbing … don’t read the ladder too much,” Howard said. “It’s a ladder to get you in and out of the spaceship. About that. You may need to clarify it. Exciting video game features – ass pain! [laughs]”

Again, it’s not a big deal for Howard to dodge the dreaded ladder question. Possibility of Creation Engine 2 But how next-generation technology makes them do things Starfield That wasn’t possible before. But based on that quote, climbing a ladder doesn’t seem to be one of those bold new next-generation features.

Fans have a fan of the overall idea of ​​Creation Engine 2 ignoring the “ladder problem” Starfield Trailer with a fine comb (created using “Alpha in-game footage”). Most fans find the game to look good (based on trailer footage), but say some of the animations look stiff, some of the colors look dull, and some of the effects aren’t very pop. There are also people. Maybe it’s all capricious (especially in this early stages of the game), but for generations of Bethesda fans who are worried that the studio is sneaking into their comfort zone, Bethesda’s new engine will actually be the first to actually come into play. It makes it clear that the company, which was expected when I saw it, is opening a really bold new path.

The truth of the matter is that the topic of game engines is complex and few studios are actually building the engine from scratch. In short, Creation Engine 2 may continue to have the many qualities that defined Creation Engine.That may be bad news for ladder climbers and bugs, but mods and Starfield A development team that handles what you are familiar with, at least most of the time.

Starfield: Creation Engine 2 may not be able to climb the ladder

https://www.denofgeek.com/games/starfield-creation-engine-2-ladder-animation-trailer-controversy-graphics/ Starfield: Creation Engine 2 may not be able to climb the ladder

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