Starfield developers are discussing shared DNA with other Bethesda games

Bethesda is not very envious. All game development looks like a battle against the impossible, but following Skyrim’s footsteps is certainly cursed. StarfieldSkyrim, the team’s sci-fi open world game, needs to be different and superior, the same as the game that has been consistently popular for 10 years.

In the latest teasing, behind-the-scenes Into The Starfield video, the development team discusses some of the values ​​that remain the same between Starfield and other Bethesda games. It probably starts with a cup.

In the 7-minute video above, game director Todd Howard, studio director Angela Blouder, and art director Matt Carofano explain Starfield in the context of the studio. They talk about the core team. Many of them have been in the studio for nearly 20 years and are part of some of the world-building behind the first sci-fi games.

They also talk about comparisons with previous games, including the Elder Scrolls series. “The mechanics of the world are completely different,” says Howard. “But there are similarities and I think that’s what we like. We like the first person and like to have all the coffee cups so that we can touch everything. You can believe everything in those moments. At night you can see the sunset, just sit there and watch the world pass by, it doesn’t look like gameplay. But otherwise How you feel about the part is very important. ”

This video has no in-game footage, only (very pretty) concept art, which makes Starfield more exciting than I’ve ever heard. Skyrim was structurally very similar to Oblivion, so I bounced Skyrim (after 35 hours, be careful), but still loved exploring the world. I am confident that if you have a bench in Starfield and you have the ability to sit, you will get a lot of joy from Starfield no matter what else you do.

There’s another structural thing I like from the Bethesda game that Howard mentions, but I’m not very happy if it turns out to have Space Dark Brotherhood. “We always have that” step-out “moment in the world,” he says, referring to the moment when he first steps into the open world from the Fallout Vault or Oblivion Dungeon. “Technology has changed, we’re all changed, so our expectations of loading the game and” Well, I’m going to step out, there will be this moment. ” It’s really special for our work that we do it and feel new in every generation and every game. I would like to say that Starfield has two step-out moments. It’s puzzling. ”

I like these moments. Bethesda, put me in the space sewer if necessary, but clean the view as I leave.

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