State of Decay 2 Xbox Series X / S optimizations are now available

State of Decay 2

With the latest update, both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have been optimized. This includes “ultra-fast load times, improved world and shadow details, and responsive 60 frames per second presentation at up to 4K resolution.” Xbox Wire, this update also adds a new deadly difficulty that developer Undead Labs has “correctly adjusted to the limits of the impossible.”

Open world resources are much less, enemies attack much harder, and the blood plague is even more deadly. The plague heart is also growing everywhere, and destroying one no longer provides safety from other hordes of zombies nearby. In addition, special “freak” zombies have been exchanged for blood plague variants.Deadly difficulty also brings new achievements with a total of 100 gamer scores. This new difficulty aspect can be combined with custom difficulty to allow players to create the perfect apocalyptic scenario.

State of Decay 2 also includes a Stay Frosty Pack that adds 12 or more winter-themed items that you can earn through in-game challenges or discover in the open world. This pack includes weapons and outfits for winter camouflage, as well as the ability to minimize weapon damage in the field with a new maintenance bench feature mod.

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The Stay Frosty Pack, like all State of Decay 2 Bounty Packs, is free, but available for a limited time.

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State of Decay 2’s Xbox Series X / S optimizations join other first-party Microsoft games that take advantage of next-generation systems such as Gears 5, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and Sea of ​​Thieves.

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