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Year of reviewYear of reviewLook back at the highs, lows, surprises, and outstandings of this year’s video games and their surroundings.

We will be 6 years Sims 4And with 2021 just around the corner, it’s exciting to see the next development of this franchise.But before the New Year, I would like to look back on the best and worst aspects of Sims 4 This year’s content. The main game has been improved in a subtle but excellent way, but the numerous disjointed extensions released in 2020 have made me almost dissatisfied with how EA manages the franchise.

In 2020, EA was busy releasing updates for Eco Lifestyle, Snowy Escape, Star Wars: Journey to Batuu, Tiny Living Stuff, Nifty Knitting Stuff, and base games. They did a lot in this difficult year, but not all led to a better game. The developers definitely worked hard during the pandemic. So my criticism of the 2020 game warns that this was a tough year. But we also hope that 2021 will be a better year for the franchise.

Sims 4 It’s controversial.Fans will love the ease of use of its shim creation feature Sims 4 Art style, but they don’t like the removal of The· Sims 3An open world model that allows all sims to travel around the world at once without a loading screen. Over the years, many fans, including myself, have felt that EA has been lagging behind in implementing game diversity. This means not only racial differences, but also the variety of designs through styling tools from. The Sims 3.. This year too, racial diversity issues continued and Snowy Escape was released. This is an extension that includes the lack of variety of Japanese designs that appear in the Sims and the community creators used to help create their content.That’s why Sims 4 It’s designed to be playable by everyone, but it’s not always represented by the actions you take when developing content.

Throughout the year I saw people legitimately claim it Sims 4 There is no mark. The new game lacks innovative gameplay and has run into strange problems. Some bugs are expected. But with each release, there was always something wrong. In the past, Sims was washing the dishes in the washbasin, and more recently, a genetic accident in which a brown parent gave birth to a white child was involved (Recently fixed in mid-December).

Illustration of an article titled The State Of iThe Sims 4 / iIn2020

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Despite all this, some content releases were valuable not only to PC gamers, but also to console gamers who didn’t have the mod option.

So let’s take a look at the best and worst aspects of Sims 4 Content for 2020.

What is working

Many people are focusing on SimsWhat you get with expansions, game packs, staff packs, and base games as remarkable new content that advances the game sets all the other tones. What are the points if you can’t play and enjoy the base game?Thankfully, in 2020 Sims The developers have added minor stuff to the base game that upgrades gameplay in several major ways.

Ladder platform

In June and November, two important items were added to the game, improving the game’s already stunning building system and making many redefinitions easier. With the new platform tools, you can easily create floor heights. This is a hassle without this tool. Ladder offers a new way to redesign your home and get your shims to work. It may not seem like a big deal, but the player doesn’t have the style of stairs. There were only traditional stairs. You now have a ladder. This frees up space in the building and is essential for creative small house design. Prior to this update, it took a lot of time for a semi-beginner builder like me to create a better floor in the house, but the platform can do that easily and the ladder I have this It enables creative designs that could not even be imagined.

Emotions and profile

Before adding emotions or profiles Sims 4 We couldn’t build a realistic bond with each other.Doesn’t provide emotions Sims 2-Level relationship building, they make it difficult to build a relationship with another sim, and that’s a good thing.

In November, the EA improved the emotion-based system by adding these features and, in the process, complicating the emotion-based system and making it a reality. Emotions allow each sim to feel a deep connection to each other, which may not be the same sensation. For example, just because you are involved does not mean that you have a special bond with each other. Sim parents may feel a bond with their child, but the child may feel nothing to their parents.

Emotional systems are built on building long-term relationships with each other. I have tried to make a deeper connection exist. You can also add a profile to get an overview of each sim from age to relationship with you. This is useful when meeting new sims.

Emotions and profiles may not be so spectacular if fans play with mods that already have memory and related systems installed. A significant number focus on relationships and emotions. However, these updates are important because not everyone plays with mods.

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New skin tone

If you are playing Sims As far as I have, the franchise may already be aware of the long-standing problems with skin color and the expression of black shims.It has been Process in progress To make this game comprehensive for all gamers. December 7th, EA New update Partnership with 5 influential players —Ebonix Sims, Xmiramira, Lao, Mia Zaf,and Catherine game— To improve it. As a lover of the create-a-Sim process, I think this is such a step towards better inclusion. I’ve spent hours tinkering with my skin tones with CAS since the update, and I think this is a great improvement in gameplay.

What’s not working

I’ve been playing this game for over 1,000 hours and say a lot about what’s wrong. In essence, all expansion packs, game packs, and staff packs suffer from the same problem. They’re fun, but they’re not.They are not helping to make Sims 4 Overall a good game when they feel like they can. But let’s dig a little deeper.

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Content slicing and dicing

I spent about $ 700 Sims 4 Content (give or take based on sales), and I can confidently say that I spent more on it than any other game. With this year’s content release, I was sick of how it was developed and released.

Sims 4 Get regular “staff packs” like mini extensions that add content to your gameplay. For example, Nifty Knitting allows players to create knit items and sell them online. Theoretically, they would have to add something we had to do, but what they actually do is show gamers that many of these staff packs need to be bundled into the extension. is. For example, Tiny Living, a staff pack EA released on PC in January, is all aimed at reducing your living space. Expanding eco-lifestyles includes reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Why were they released separately when they complement each other? If you live in a large space, you will naturally be charged more, so you will want to move to a smaller space. Now, why not make a small living space? I did (and love it), but I’m really curious that these two things came separately. Cases can be created in other releases, but this is the worst for me.

I contacted EA’s PR with comments on this issue and were told that everyone was on vacation, so there is no answer from their side on this. In my case, content slicing and dicing are malicious moves, a hallmark of their gameplay, and need to rest.

Everything is very cut and will soon become old

2018, Sims 4 The extended “Season” provided players with the option to change the weather in the game. It is fully integrated into each world in various ways. It’s great and makes the whole game better.

In 2020, that approach didn’t get much. For example, eco-lifestyle expansion includes Port Promise, an industrial district that is an independent “town” of Evergreen Harbor, the residential world. The goal of Port Promise is to clean the town and make it environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, there is no option to industrialize the world other than Evergreen Harbor, so you can fix it from scratch. Therefore, the Port Promise is one-time only in one world. Wouldn’t it be an eco-climate if we could change the way the weather works? This extension (and other content) was frustrating when I glimpsed the potential because I wanted better control over the entire game.

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There are still many things missing in the “world”

Amazing September expansion Star Wars: A Journey to Batu There is a problem with immersion. Although it looks like a Star Wars adventure worth exploring, Batu is a fantasy that ends as soon as you return to your hometown. What if you fall in love with someone and want to take them home? They are humans again because their alien shape is a costume, not the alien race you might have expected. You can’t sparring randomly with a lightsaber unless you’re with a family sim who has a lightsaber. And if you think you can use magic to pass on the expansion to another world, you’re faced with a surprise. Can not do that. Want to explore the building? They are rabbit holes. This is the Sims term for buildings that are not visible inside.

You get points.that is Sims 4 A game pack that is an interactive mission-based simulation of a theme park.I am a fan Star WarsSo I was excited about this pack, but the closed world is neither fun nor worth the purchase.

Snowy Escape, an extension that takes you to the mountains. Comolebi for snow-covered adventures also has immersive problems in terms of the Sims you see in it. It features the same shims found in the rest of the game, which is disappointing given the settings. If this were the world of destinations in Japan and Asia, there would be more Japanese locals in the town. Yes, as in the real world, there are others in town, but when the same sims you see everywhere appear, you get out of the game and the novelty quickly disappears.

This is until 2021

Overall, there’s a lot to be happy about the base game Sims 4 Despite a series of expansions, after some of the 2020 adjustments and a lot of requests from the rest of the content.

In the future, we want a more interconnected open world where we can freely change what we want in an impactful way. There’s more plot space in the existing world, fresh content you’ve never seen before (agriculture would be great), and base game content that changes the way you interact with the game, such as bunk beds and memories. Would be great if there were more. Ultimately, we want the game to fully embrace the diversity of players and the real world on which they are based, but we also know how difficult such tasks are for EA. If you can reach it, it will be better for old and new players.

The secret to success already exists and the community is waiting for EA to catch up.This global epidemic would definitely have slowed development, but it’s great to move forward and see EA take away everything great. The Sims 2 And The· Sims 3 let me in Sims 4 In 2021. It will bring new life to the games of all of us.

Robin is a Chicago-based game writer with an interest in everything about The Sims and Nintendo. She has been a gamer since she picked up a Sega controller.

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