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All-Star Break is finally in New Orleans Pelican.

Due to the hectic nature of the daily NBA season, it’s great to sit down and enjoy the various weekend contests, digest competitive all-star games, and escape the pitch. The year of basketball, still very marked by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The All-Star weekend also serves as a time to look back. The New Orleans Pelican played 36 games, just half of the 72 games scheduled. Pell is currently tied to Oklahoma City Thunder and is 11th at the Western Conference behind the .500 Memphis Grizzlies.

That’s probably not enough for teams aiming for the playoffs. However, Pers is only one place away from the play-in tournament that takes place at the end of the regular season. In that case, New Orleans can enter the postseason without being ranked in the top eight western teams.

It was an almost inconsistent season for the New Orleans Pelicans. Their defensive and aggressive performance fluctuates almost randomly. New Orleans started out as one of the aggressive teams to attack, but now has the top five attacks and the bottom five defenses. This contradicts what was most expected after the arrival of new head coach Stan Van Gundy.

Van Gundy failed to imprint his personality on a team that needed defensive modifications. Many years of NBA veterans are still tweaking things on a regular basis, trying to hit the right code to maximize this pelican team. Van Gundy even publicly called on his team for a week.

Still, against all Pell eddy, they are back on the All-Star weekend.

Zion Williamson is the first all-star, despite playing less than it makes up the regular NBA season. This is the eighth consecutive year that New Orleans players have been honored.With Williamson Nickeil Alexander Walker It won’t actually be held this year, but it was also selected for the Rising Stars game.

Still, it’s great that the young Pelicans are recognized early in his career. Williamson and Alexander Walker are, among other things, future components of New Orleans.

Here’s how up-and-coming Persian players are heading for an all-star break:

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State of young players of Pers State of young players of Pers

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