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The trend towards both the three-pointer and the shots around the basket is constant, but the midrange isn’t completely dead. Especially as an alternative if the defense tries to deny everything else.

High gravity matchup

Round 16 had a lot of interesting games without a clear headliner. The match between Anadolu Efes and FC Barcelona was better than expected, and Efes brought Barcelona a second defeat. For Efes, the game felt like it was back to normal. Shane Larkin bounced off with 23 points in 31 minutes after scoring 4 points in a row and suffered his first defeat of the season in Barcelona.

Zargiri Kaunas, the host of FC Bayern Munich, was probably the most interesting game to go to the round, given the unique playing style of each team. Zargiris, who is ranked 16th and 18th respectively in terms of 3 points per game, is comfortably leading the league with a 44% shot across the arc. Bayern has attempted 275 2-point jump shots. In fact, since the 2010-11 season, EuroLeague teams have not exceeded 17.2 2-point jump shots per game in Bayern.

Bayern, who lost to Zalgiris 74-73, shot 7 out of 20 with a 2-point jumper, but only 3 out of 17. Jargiris created 6 out of 15 from the other side of the arc and 4 out of 12 with the midrange jumper, exceeding the normal volume. However, one of those midrange shots was the winner of the Marius Grigonis pull-up game from just above the foul line.

Shot distribution

The rise in three-point shoots over the last decade is well documented. The additional efficiency and spacing it provides is shaping modern crime.

The graph above tracks the number of shots the team attempted per game during the 2020-21 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague regular season, in meters. Up to Round 16, 40% of all EuroLeague shots come from behind the 6.75 meter three-point line. Beyond that arc you get only 8% from 0.5 meters or more.

Inside the arc, more than half of the two-point attempts occur within 1 meter of the basket, accounting for 32% of all shots taken. There are two minor uptices in the frequency of midrange shots. One is 2-3 meters (the position of the block that catches the ball when the player posts) and the other is about 5 meters (the distance marked by the “elbow”). The extremes of the free throw line.

These two spots and midpaint are where teams attacking the midrange tend to aggressively mark. For example, Bayern is trying from these locations at a rate 7% above the league average.

The team above leads the EuroLeague with a percentage of shots attempting over the 6.75 meter arc or from inside 2.5 meters. Not only 82% of all shots this season were taken from these ranges, but no team attempts less than 72% of the shots from these spots.

Midrange attempts may have disappeared from modern basketball, but the team’s ability to take what the defense gives is still worth it, and more and more it tends to be a two-point jumper. They may not be the most efficient shots, but they can be available at critical moments, as the end of the Zalgiris-Bayern game showed.

Towards Round 17

AX Armani Exchange Milan will host CSKA Moscow, FC Bayern Munich will host FC Barcelona, ​​Anador Efes Istanbul will host Real Madrid, and there will be multiple games in Round 17, ranking when the 2020-21 campaign reaches the midpoint. Affects the top half of.

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Statistical Review: Midrange Options Still Important-News Statistical Review: Midrange Options Still Important-News

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