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Last week’s double round had something to do with everyone and it’s not clear, but it provided some interesting tips on what role this season’s interior defense plays.

High gravity matchup

Many teams have won significant victories in the last two rounds of the week. In particular, CSKA Moscow extended their win streak to 10, Real Madrid won two extra times in Greece, Maccabi Platica Tel Aviv knocked off FC Barcelona on the street, and Zargiris had the best offensive performance of the season. Do it twice, the upper half of the ranking.

Rim protection

With McCabi’s victory, they kept Barcelona within 2 meters with a 27-11 shot, emphasizing a number of layers related to how well the EuroLeague team protected the rim.

The figure above shows the top four EuroLeague teams in terms of points allowed per game around the rim. There is no shortage of statistics to choose from to define how well a team can defend internally, but few statistics give the big picture. This may be due to the fact that EuroLeague defenses tend to focus on nuances. When a team picks up one thing, they tend to give up on the other.

In the above example, the points allowed per game are used instead of the points per shot or the percentage of attempts, among other options. This is because it is an indicator that multiple teams are away from their peers. The end of the spectrum. It also includes teams that are close to the top of the rankings of other key indicators, as well as teams with the most strategically clear goals, so they probably do the best job to get the top performers of the season. ..

Crvena Zvezda mts Belgrade has significantly reduced the number of trials, mainly around the rim, to minimize the number of points per game. Zvezda ranks higher than average in the percentage of field goals allowed internally, but it’s a way defenders flock to the lane to prevent shots that differentiate the team’s internal defenses. In recent years, limiting shot attempts has become a prominent main means for teams to protect their rims.

Fenerbahcebeco Istanbul followed a blueprint similar to the impressive effect, but did much of its best work by preventing a simple basket during the transition. This tends to be an unpredictable variable in the rim protection equation, as the team can do very little about a runaway dunk, but the job of challenging Fenerbahce’s very good transition layup is on the half-court. We are stepping up efforts to limit interior attempts in situations.

On the other side of the spectrum, FC Barcelona allows more inside shots than average, but opponents allow only 56% accuracy in those attempts. That number leads the EuroLeague, but the other 11 teams allow less than 59% within 2 meters. Sure, in recent seasons, the percentage of field goals hasn’t been differentiated, but Barcelona has done a great job of stopping dribbling into the rim. The effort sometimes hurt them with protective glass, but it did not hurt them around. Taking on the inside shot without further sacrificing the effect resulted in a big defense rotation, making Barcelona the most efficient defense in the EuroLeague throughout Round 15.

All of that goes back to McCabi. McCabi is ranked 8th in an inside shot attempt and 4th in the field goal percentage. With a victory in Barcelona, ​​McCabi allowed 27 shots, well above average, but only 41%. This is well above this year’s 57%. Rim protection tends to be an incomplete science. A few bounces in favor of the team can make a difference between winning and losing, but the ability to prevent opponents from internally producing a high quality look is an important part of the big puzzle that is internal defense. ..

Towards Round 16

There are a lot of interesting games in Round 16, but there’s probably no clear headline. The match between Jargiri Kaunas and FC Bayern Munich should be interesting given how different the offensive approaches are. Bayern is the only EuroLeague team trying to make about as many 2-point jump shots as 3-point jump shots, and is also active when trying to abuse individual matches. It did not stop Bayern from ranking in the upper half of the EuroLeague with aggressive efficiency. In contrast, Zargiris rarely plays one-on-one, leading all teams with aggressive efficiency with extraordinary jump shots up to this point. Its contrast in style should lead to quality matches that affect the upper half of the ranking.

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Statistical Review: Rim Protection-News Statistical Review: Rim Protection-News

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