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It’s no exaggeration to say that Manchester United is in dire straits for most Manchester United fans and Premier League watchers.

Performance on the pitch wasn’t impressive for most of the season, resulting in worse results.

Due to these poor results, Manchester United’s hierarchy chose to dismiss manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who was replaced by current interim boss Ralf Rangnick.

However, despite United winning two of the three Premier League games under the German football philosopher, the performance of the last two games was unconvincing.

There has been a lot of talk about United in the last few weeks. This includes ownership acquisition in the last third, loss of ownership, and other more general statistics (such as expected goals for and against).

However, one of the important statistics that emphasizes the situation of United is the statistics of points earned.

Football statistics site Who Score revealed that Red Devil’s stopper David de Gea scored 15 points on his side by denying a clear goal-scoring opportunity. This is 6 points more than the next best chance.

These numbers reveal a terrifying tendency to conclude that United is overly dependent on Spanish stoppers.

De Gia has been criticized by experts for his performance over the past few seasons after making many mistakes at a critical moment, but fortunately for United he is now It almost looks like he’s back in his best shot stop form.

His late save in a one-on-one draw with Newcastle United is a perfect showcase for this as it definitely helped his side save the unjustified points.

United will have to face Burnley later today and desperately show off some of the qualities that the team may have.In other words, instead of whining or complaining when things don’t go according to plan Gary Neville Comments on United Star’s body language and attitude after the draw at St. James’s Park.

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Statistics show how bad Manchester United was this year Statistics show how bad Manchester United was this year

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