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Zion Williamson and Steven Adams did a great job cleaning the glass this season

With 5 games to the season New Orleans Pelican Both are good teams and sit 4-2.It’s still early Pelican is a very different team from last year.

Pelican has been struggling as a team from a 3-point range so far after a slow start by JJ Redick and Eric Bledsoe. Lonzo Ball And almost everyone else Brandon Ingram..

One reason Pelicans were able to float during this slump in shooting is that they dominate the aggressive board.

Pelican has rebounded his opponent in all previous games. Especially on the attacking side, he won 65 attack rebounds and his opponents remained at 44, 12 of which were defeated by Phoenix.

They added 15 more aggressive boards to the Raptors. This helped bring them closer to the first half when the 3-point shots weren’t falling.

New Orleans Pelican: Aggressive rebounds keep Pell alive

Zion and Adams have proven themselves as two of the league’s most aggressive rebounders.

No other PF / C duo in the league has won as many aggressive rebounds as Zion and Adams, who have won more than some teams. They have scored 7.2 as a duo, creating many second chance points.

This is a great sign for Pelicans as they need a way to produce more attacks, icy cold from a range of 3 points to start the season.

When taking a shot, it’s helpful as a player to know that even if you make a mistake, you’re likely to be rebounded by your teammates, and aggressive rebounds mean additional opportunities.

We know it’s still early, but this pelican duo has a chance to finish the season as the league’s top offensive rebounder.

Hopefully the New Orleans Pelicans have begun to shoot the ball well, so there won’t be too many aggressive rebounds to grab, but for now, Pell lives on by crashing the board.

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Statistics that keep the Persian attack alive Statistics that keep the Persian attack alive

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