Steam Autumn Sale was held

Oh, is that time already? Yes, yes, the Steam Autumn Sale has arrived, offering seasonal discounts for thousands of games. The awards season has begun, so nominations for the annual Steam Awards are held. You can vote and get discounts from now until December 1st, 10am (Pacific Standard Time) / 6pm (Greenwich Mean Time).

As usual, metric basilion games are on sale. Otherwise, it will not be a Steam sale. I’ll understand a lot later with everyone, but for now I’ve chosen a few choices from this year that may tickle your fantasies.

Every year there is a game I’ve been waiting for for a while. When the release date comes, you realize that you don’t have the time or cash to justify the catch. Tell yourself, “A sale may make you more motivated.” In that spirit, here are some of this year’s releases that already have decent discounts, as appreciated by RPS reviewers.

Deep rock galactic (30% discount) – Previously early access, this collaborative dwarf mining FPS game broke the full release in May. In RPS’s Deep Rock Galactic review, it’s called a gem over the sum of its valuable parts. It was inspired by Left 4 Dead and Minecraft.

Desperados 3 (40% discount) – This tactical cowboy stealth game is the most guilty of not spinning yet, as you have fully enjoyed Mimimi Games’ previous Shadow Tactics stealth game. I’m still enthusiastic, as the Desperadoes 3 review says it’s as good as Shadow Tactics.

Röki (40% discount) – This snow-covered Scandinavian point-and-click’day is a puzzle and mysterious mystery. Despite its cute aesthetic, according to our Röki review, it’s surprisingly deep and impactful, and one of the few relatives close to the wreckage of Edith Finch.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps (50% discount) – The sequel to the very good platform game Ori And The Blind Forest was also very good. Our review of Ori and the Blind’s will calls it fascinating. It’s certainly nice to see as its predecessor.

Doom Eternal (67% discount) – That’s fate. You know your destiny. I hear that is also a pretty good fate. Our Doom Eternal review states that it’s dazzling and has all sorts of kind words for grappling hooks on super shotguns.

Now that’s the beginning of your Steam sale shopping.

For awards, you must nominate some of your own favorites in 10 categories by December 1st. This year we’ll be adding the “Best Soundtrack” and “Sit and Relax” categories.

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The Steam Autumn Sale is on, as is nominating for The Steam Awards

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