Steam broke 25 million simultaneous user marks

Sheriff Sayed, Monday, January 4, 2021 15:57 GMT

At the same time, Steam set a new record of getting the most users online.

vapor We have once again set our own record for the number of simultaneous players online. January 2nd, Steam 25,416,720 Online user.

This is Steam’s first record for the New Year, following three other highs achieved in March last year, when the global blockade had just begun due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Of course, not all 25 million people were in the game. In fact, the majority were simply logged on and either chatting or idling. According to SteamDB, when Steam broke the record, only about 7.5 million people were actively playing the game. This is standard.

Steam typically sets new concurrent user records in December / January during a large holiday sale. Of course, this year it was with the release of a major game on Cyberpunk 2077 and the global epidemic.

Speaking of sales, the winter sale will end tomorrow, so please have a discount game as soon as possible.

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Steam has broken the 25 million concurrent users mark

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