Steam broke another record with 27 million simultaneous users

I don’t know if you’ve heard of it vapor Incredibly popular. In fact, Valve’s platform has surpassed the user record of the same period this year, with more than 27 million users online at one time at the time of writing.

At the beginning of February this year Reported how Steam set a new record So far, we have 26 million simultaneous users, all of whom are using Steam at the same time. It was all very impressive until it was hit again in April. And the record stood at 26.9 million simultaneous users.

Whether enhanced by major new releases such as: Halo Infinite’s Amazing Early Multiplayer Launch Or Battlefield 2042, or Launch of a particularly exciting autumn sale saw Cyberpunk 2077 reappears on top-selling list, Steam broke 27 million simultaneous user marks. Not only that, it’s still rising, with numbers well over 27.1 million in the last few hours.

This new record was discovered by SteamDB, who posted the results on Twitter.Holidays are coming and Valve’s new hardware Steam Deck Next year, this record could be broken. Steam has done it at least twice this year, so it looks pretty likely.

Of course, on Steam Deck Just delayed due to supply chain issues, There’s more time to build a collection before it hits-perhaps give it a try Earn some free Steam keys??

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