Steam continues to break its own simultaneous player record

Steam once again set its own simultaneous player record, with over 26 million people logged in at one time. According to PC Gamer, Valve’s digital distribution service hit a record high over the weekend, with 26.4 million users logged in at once. Sunday. Last month it only hit a record high, bringing 25.4 million people online at once. There is no doubt that this rise is being driven by ongoing blockade measures around the world.

While Starwart Steam games such as Counter-Strike, Dota, and PUBG have consistently boosted the number of platforms, this recent push was launched in late January and ranks fourth in the top of the service in China’s RPG Tale. Definitely helped by ofImmortal 10.10.

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Modern success stories such as Rust, Valheim, Among Us, and Phasmophobia have certainly played a role in increasing the number of Steam. Valheim, in particular, was a top seller last week, with 130,000 simultaneous players in less than a week.

Growth has been pretty astounding since March 2020, when Steam’s simultaneous record exceeded 20 million. Compare it to the launch of Cyberpunk 2077 in December 2020, which surpassed 24 million simultaneous users. At the same time, Steam broke another record by doubling Fallout 4 with more than a million players flooding Cyberpunk within hours of its launch. Record of about 500,000 users in 2015.

The 2013 news story, when Steam surpassed 7 million concurrent users, is now a fairly humble comparison. The official launch of Steam in China is a good sign for Valve. However, this is not the smoothest process and can continue to be difficult for Chinese players, even after concerns about game losses. In other Steam news, the service was recently fined by the European Union on suspicion of geoblocking.

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