Steam News Hub officially released

Steam has officially released a new News Hub. This has been fully implemented from the “experimental” phase of Steam Labs. It replaces the old Steam news feed and adds a number of new ways to keep the latest news for games you’re interested in and your favorite sites up to date.

PCGamesN has been part of the Steam News Hub since it first appeared in Steam Labs, and if you want to see coverage at startup, you can follow it on the hub. The idea behind News Hub is that you can follow news sites and view all the news attached to major game sites from the curators you follow.

It’s all customizable, so you can customize your personal news feed to your liking and it’s designed to look great. You can add filters to show only game-related news in your wishlist or library, or to exclude post types that you’re not interested in. For example, you can uncheck “Sell” in the following cases: I’m only interested in getting news about games already in the Steam library.

Again, you can follow PC Games N by going to the Steam News Hub corner and clicking the blue follow button. It’s as easy as that!
You’ll also find that Steam’s old news homepage is gone, giving way from the old to the new.

And there’s nothing better than a list of the best free Steam games on Steam News. So be sure to check out the latest Headlines on NewsHub when installing some of them.

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