Steam News Hub officially released

Valve has handed a diploma to Steam News Hub, the latest Steam Lab experiment. This will help you keep up to date with all the games you own and the games Steam wants to own. You can find the latest updates from both developer updates and gaming websites like us at RPS, now on the official news hub in the Steam store.

“NewsHub is designed to be flexible and personalized to suit your game and taste, and incorporates many customization options,” says Valve. “By default, the News Hub displays play, wishlists, followers, or recommended game posts, or if you want full control, all with a few quick settings adjustments in the menu on the left. In addition, you can choose to follow and receive news from dozens of top game news sources in different languages. “

My fellow RPS news provider also noticed in the March and September versions of the hub, so you’ll definitely want to personalize it a bit into your feed. As at that time, the news hub is packed with information about games you forgot to own and games you don’t yet own in your news feed. There are a few Warframes I don’t own, but Steam recommends them to me. Also, ArcheAge seems to be in the library. There is also a prison level update for Phasmophobia. That’s what I really wanted to know on Friday. Ta, steam.

You can check the filters in the sidebar to opt in or out of the games on your wishlist or recommended by Steam or “Featured” games to adjust to what you care about. You can also choose if you want to know about sales, events, updates, and other types of posts. For in-game events, you can set reminders via email, the Steam mobile app, or the mobile calendar app.

Further down the sidebar is the News Curator section. Here’s everything I wrote in RPS today, along with news from many other sites.

The Steam News Hub is located in the dropdown under the “Store” for desktop, web, and mobile versions of Steam.

Valve’s Steam feature test ground already provides features that tell you what to play next, player reviews called community recommendations on the front page, and optional chat filters.

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The Steam News Hub now officially rounds up news and patch notes for what you’re playing

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