Steam recorded the highest number of simultaneous players ever on Thanksgiving weekend 2021

Thanksgiving Weekend In 2021, Steam set a new record with a record 27,384,959 simultaneous players using the game on its service.

SteamDB has revealed that this new record for concurrent players happened on Sunday, November 28th. This peak is just one of several 2021 times Steam achieved this feat.

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At the time of this writing, the top five most played games on Steam are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, New World, Halo Infinite, and Team Fortress 2. Halo Infinite is free, so it definitely contributed to the cause. Played and long-awaited by many around the world. Since its launch, Steam alone has peaked at 272,586 players.

Another major factor in Steam’s achievement of this new record high is the start of the fall sale. Until December 1st, fans will be offered significant discounts on various games.

Steam’s concurrent player record has been constantly increasing for some time, with its new 27 million milestones 10 million more than 17,155,417 in November 2019.

Steam’s impressive 2021 is clearly built on the games that exist in its store and has contributed to the success of this year’s platform. For example, Team Fortress 2 set its own Steam Simultaneous Record in 2021 14 years later, and FINAL FANTASY 14 did the same without releasing a new one. Of course, there are many factors that explain these achievements, not just on Steam, but it’s still worth praising.

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